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Mitsui Fudosan to Accelerate Initiatives for Workstyle Reform

April 6, 2017
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced today that it aims to be an organization where people with diverse values and talents play active roles, and where each employee can select a working style that matches their stage in life so they can continue their career. At the same time, Mitsui Fudosan seeks to enable individuals to maximize the display of their experience and abilities, as it realizes this is indispensable for its sustainable development.

The Company is moving ahead with activities associated with achieving a workstyle transform by creating a foundation that enables diverse human resources to play an active role in realizing these goals.

In April 2016, Mitsui Fudosan established the Workstyle Innovation Department to consolidate and promote various existing initiatives. The Company aims to achieve great value creation through initiatives both for reforming awareness toward work in limited operation hours that enhance workstyle quality, and for establishing various systems and work environments that support these

Main Promotion Measures for Achieving Workstyle Transform Mitsui Fudosan is promoting a unified workstyle transform by the three pillars of reforming awareness, infrastructure improvements, and work reform in organizational units. From April 2017, the Company is increasing its promotion further by expanding its efforts on a Company-wide basis.

Conceptual Drawing

Reforming awareness

  • Communicate information internally
    Utilize internal publicity magazines and internal broadcasting to conduct educational activities and share expertise, including top messages
  • Be aware of the time one leaves work
    From April 2017, all employees must leave work by 8 pm, to raise their awareness of having to work within a limited time
  • Establish childrearing-father training leave system (introduced from July 2016)
    Provide opportunities for increasing self-awareness and reforming awareness of the entire workplace by boosting male participation in childcare and the acquisition of continuous leave

Infrastructure Improvements

  • Provide the Multi-Site Shared Office WORKSTYLING for corporate clients (start to use from April 2017)
    Utilize the Multi-Site Shared Office WORKSTYLING for newly developing corporate clients at Mitsui Fudosan, targeting all employees, in order to improve their time efficiency when outside the workplace
  • Introduce work-at-home system (introduce from April 2017)
    As support for employees who face restrictions regarding their work time or location for such reasons as childcare or nursing care, enable them to work part of their days at home or by WORKSTYLING
  • Support for a variety of workstyles of employees by enabling use of daycare centers inside worksites
  • Partial subsidy of the expenses for babysitters, school childcare, and nursing care services
  • Improve and make use of ICT
    Promote work efficiency by utilizing WEB conference, internal SNS, and server cloud computing as an initiative to realize paperless workplaces. Develop the equivalent functionality on smartphones, tablets and notebook PCs lent by Mitsui Fudosan

Work Reform in Organizational Units

The Workstyle Innovation Department supports each department’s initiatives in establishing customized workstyles, and promotes work efficiency improvements

*Regarding other initiatives and systems concerning Mitsui Fudosan personnel, please refer to the Attachment or the following URL:

List of Initiatives, Including Mitsui Fudosan’s Existing Measures

Twin-pronged support (childcare and nursing care)

  • Daycare centers inside worksites
  • Childrearing-father training leave system
  • Childbirth leave for the spouse
  • Subsidizing the expenses for babysitters and school childcare
  • Work-at-home system
  • Flextime shortened work hour system for childcare
    A shortened work hour system that enables a daily clear-cut work-life separation by adjusting the time within the month’s required total working hours, by an employee working less hours on a later day if they have to work longer hours on a given day
  • Childcare leave
    Leave can be used for up to three years, longer than legally mandated periods
  • Consultation system regarding childbirth and childcare
    Interviews with the person concerned, their superior, and the personnel department when they return to work
  • Nursing care consulting system
  • Subsidizing the cost of providing nursing care
  • Flextime shortened work hour system for family care
    A shortened work hour system that enables a daily clear-cut work-life separation by adjusting the time within the month’s required total working hours, by an employee working less hours on a later day if they have to work longer hours on a given day
  • Family care leave
    Acquisition of this leave can be split for up to one year, longer than legally mandated periods
  • Holding nursing care seminars
    Holding seminars on nursing care, dementia supporter training sessions, etc., for all employees

Work-life balance support

  • Flextime system
  • Using the shared-office WORKSTYLING
  • “Return Entry System”
    System enabling the re-employment of employees who have been forced to leave the Company due to accompanying their partner who has been transferred
  • Special summer leave, special consecutive leave
    In addition to the statutory annual paid leave, freely useable paid leave can be acquired
  • Refreshment leave
  • Cafeteria plan
    Welfare system that can be used by selecting various menus, including self-development, leisure and travel
  • Family Day
    Annual family-participation event held to deepen ties with employees’ families