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Competition for innovation award “AEA 2017” by 21 technology startups across 15 countries and regions in Asia
Claro Energy of India takes First Prize

October 30, 2017
Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.,
Division of University Corporate Relations - The University of Tokyo,
TX Entrepreneur Partners General Incorporated Association
The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs

The sixth Asia Entrepreneurship Award 2017 (the “AEA”) was held at Kashiwa-no-ha Campus (Kashiwa-shi, Chiba) on the three days from October 25 (Wednesday) to 27 (Friday), 2017. The 21 technology startups selected from 15 countries and regions mainly in Asia competed under the criteria 0 innovativeness of business model, potential economic and social impacts and business feasibility, and Claro Energy from (India) which provides Solar Irrigation Solutions won this year’s award.

As indicated by such facts as the amount invested in Asian startups for the April to June period this year exceeding 2 trillion JPY(*), surpassing that for U.S. startups in the same period for the first time, Asian startups have been drawing greater attention in recent years. The AEA has been held annually since 2012 with an aim in Asia to form an ecosystem that generates innovation through collaborations of industry, government and academia. The AEA brought together young entrepreneurs who use knowledge and technology to take on challenges from the rapidly growing Asia region to expand their human networks through mentorship, discussion and mutual interaction. With the particular focus this year on supporting business collaboration between technology startups and domestic companies, we provided programs where the environments surrounding startups in each country and the recent trends can be learned as well as held a talk session with previous AEA entrants. We also newly established the “Kashiwa-no-ha Award” this year for a technology, product or service that would be useful in developing Kashiwa-no-ha Campus, a smart city representing Japan, with an eye on actual implementation. The award was won by Genome Clinic. We will proactively discuss the introduction of the service at Kashiwa-no-ha.

*reference:PwC / CB Insights <MoneyTreeTMReport>

AEA2017 Winners

First Prize Claro Energy(India)/KARTIK WAHI, Co-Founder
Second Prize ViSenze(Singapore)/OLIVER TAN, CEO and Co-founder
Third Prize
Japan New Business Conferences
President Prize
Kashiwa-no-ha Award Genome Clinic(Japan)/HIROKI SONEHARA, Director
Nanocarrier Kashiwa-no-ha Award AIM GLOBAL INNOVATION(Thailand)/PANRASEE RITTHIPRAVAT, Co-founder
Audience Award ViSenze(Singapore)/OLIVER TAN, CEO and Co-founder


  1. First Prize: 1 million JPY
  2. Second Prize: 500,000 JPY
  3. Third Prize (Japan New Business Conferences President Prize) : 300,000 JPY
  4. Kashiwa-no-ha Award: 150,000 JPY
    Suitability and implementability to the concept of Kashiwa-no-ha smart city development will be judged towards
    adoption from the technology, product or service of all startup entrants.
  5. Nanocarrier Kashiwa-no-ha Award: 300,000 JPY
    The most promising startup entrant in Bio, Medical or Life science field will be given the award from Nanocarrier,
    one of the most growing bio company in Kashiwa-no-ha.

1. ~ 5.award winners above will also receive two-years free use of co-working space at 31 VENTURES Office operated by Mitsui Fudosan (3 persons per company).

  1. Audience Award:Determined by voting from spectators

AEA2017 October 26,

A mentoring session and Kashiwa-no-ha smart city tour were held for the entrants. Collaborations of startups and Japanese companies and business developments in Japan were actively discussed at the lunch meeting by nominating committee members from each country and Japanese companies with strong interest in collaborating with Asian startups.

AEA2017 October 27,

On Day 3, the semi-final session and the final session with the six finalists were held and they delivered powerful presentations. In addition, a special speech was given by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, President and CEO of CYBERDYNE, INC.

Semi-final Session

Entrants were divided into five groups, within which they each gave a 10-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

final Session

Based on the presentations by the six finalists, the final judgements were made by four judges with extensive knowledge of startup businesses and active global careers.
Finalists:Claro Energy, ViSenze, QUBIT SECURITY Aubit, Beijing Qingfan Yuanhang Networking Technology Co. Ltd.,Beijing Quality Technology Co., Ltd., Webgears WGT

Farewell Reception

Co-hosts and sponsors made speeches and the AEA 2017 award winners were announced.

First Prize:Claro Energy (India)

Second Prize: ViSenze(Singapore)

Third Prize: Webgears WGT(Russia)

Kashiwa-no-ha Prize:Genome Clinic(Japan)

Nanocarrier Kashiwa-no-ha Prize:AIM GLOBAL INNOVATION(Thailand)