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The Mitsui Fudosan Group’s New Hotel Brand THE CELESTINE HOTELS
HOTEL THE CELESTINE TOKYO SHIBA to Open on Tuesday, November 28, 2017
A Destination-style Hotel Where the Hotel Stay Itself Becomes a Purpose of Travel

November 21,2017
Press release
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, November 21, 2017 - Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, and Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management Co., Ltd. announced today that the two companies will open rebranded as HOTEL THE CELESTINE TOKYO SHIBA on November 28, 2017.

THE CELESTINE HOTELS, which aim to be a destination-style hotel where the hotel stay itself becomes a purpose of travel. THE CELESTINE HOTELS and the third entry in the series is HOTEL THE CELESTINE TOKYO SHIBA, which follows HOTEL THE CELESTINE KYOTO GION and HOTEL THE CELESTINE GINZA, both of which have enjoyed great popularity since opening earlier this autumn on September 7 and October 5, respectively.

HOTEL THE CELESTINE TOKYO SHIBA has its roots in the Celestine Hotel, which opened back in 2002 and has been beloved by many guests for its refined, private ambiance and quietly conscientious guest services. With a view to accommodating the needs of diversifying guests, stemming from the increase in inbound tourists, the shift from good to service consumption, and other recent trends, the hotel has significantly upgraded both its facilities and guest services for its re-opening under the new brand.

The hotel is located on the former premises of the kami-yashiki (upper residence) of the Satsuma domain in Edo, so it’s a site of historical significance. Based on the concept “CROSS OVER TOKYO,” the hotel combines and elevates opposing elements such as tradition and innovation, and Western culture and Japanese culture, and has incorporated them into the interior design, for example, to provide a form of highly refined comfort reminiscent of an urban residence enveloped in rich, garden-like abundance.

The restaurant has been renovated and is being reopened as La Pelouse Tokyo, the first directly managed French restaurant in THE CELESTINE HOTELS series, where patrons can enjoy French-based cuisine, made with rigorously selected ingredients from Satsuma, Kagoshima Prefecture and other areas of Japan and overseas, as well as wine specially selected by the restaurant’s sommelier.

The hotel also features a new relaxation spa and fitness room, which is also the first in THE CELESTINE HOTELS series. Spa AMUSTAS provides guests a space to experience the refined sensibility of “Japanese Comfort” and enjoy some moments of singular relaxation.


Superior Double

1. Location-Historically Significant Former Site of Satsuma Domain’s Edo Residence

The hotel is located on property with a distinguished history and status as the former site of the Edo residence, or kami-yashiki, of the Satsuma Domain, key players of the Meiji Restoration. The Shiba area, while in the city center, is blessed with lush greenery, and is just a short walk away from Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple, Shiba Park - one of Japan’s oldest public parks - and other tourist attractions, an ideal location away from the urban hustle and bustle. It also offers convenient access from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport, making it a highly convenient location that responds to the needs of both leisure and business travelers to Tokyo.

2. Development Concept
“CROSS OVER TOKYO”-Light and Green, History, and Refinement

Against the spiritual backdrop of its location, with its historical connection to the Satsuma Domain, a key player during the Meiji Restoration, and based on the encircled cross design of the family crest of the Shimadzu Clan, the head of the Satsuma Domain, the hotel is being developed around the CROSS OVER TOKYO concept., which specifically means the fusion and elevation of various opposing elements, hustle-bustle and quietude, tradition and innovation, Edo and Satsuma, Western culture and Japanese culture, and so on. The interior is also instilled with memories of the land. Motifs inspired by Edo komon dyed cloth patterns, Satsuma kiriko cut-glass ware, and Oshima tsumugi silk fabric, are incorporated with a modern sensibility and can be found throughout the hotel.

3. Facility Overview

(1) Lobby / Reception / Concierge Desk
-Spacious and Luxurious Lobby with Symbolic Art Wall of Edo and Satsuma Elements

The lobby has been reborn in spacious luxury with a high seven-meter ceiling while it carries on the refined and relaxed atmosphere cultivated by The Celestine Hotel. The interior features the Komon Screen with an Edo komon pattern on the motif of Edo cherry blossoms and the circle-cross crest of the Shimadzu Clan, head of the Satsuma Domain, and the KIRIKO WALL, a wall of artwork that gives expression to Satsuma kiriko cut-glass ware.

The reception area in the spacious lobby features natural marble counter over six-meters-long. The concierge desk helps guests in every capacity possible to make their itineraries a success. It also carefully responds to the requests of guests from overseas to help them make the most of their experience in Tokyo.


KIRIKO WALL, a wall mural in the lobby



(2) Celecroix Café & Bar-Lounge
-New Relaxing Lounge Floor Accommodates a Range of Guest Needs

Celecroix comes from croix, the French word for cross, and the cele in the Celestine name. The area is appointed with low-profile lounge chairs as well as sofa-style seats with room for two. From the continental breakfast with MAISON KAYSER bread and coffee, recommended especially for people who like a light breakfast, to lunch and afternoon tea, and through to bar time, guests can take a break and relax in various ways depending on the time of day and their schedule. Satsuma kiriko cut-glass is used in the entrance sign and counter lighting. The floor lamps on the lounge floor offer a modern take on the traditional paper-shade lantern.

Hours of operation Breakfas
17:00-23:00 Last orders for foods at 22:00, for drinks at 22:30
Seating capacity 70 seats includes eight counter seats
Reservations TEL: 03-5441-4580

Cafe & Bar Lounge Celecroix


Afternoon tea set

(3) Celestine Dining La Pelouse Tokyo
-Buffet-Style Breakfast and Full-Fledged French Dining, Made Possible by Direct Management

The first directly managed main dining facility in THE CELESTINE HOTELS series, this French-based, modern Japanese-style restaurant provides highly original French cuisine that makes extensive use of ingredients from Kagoshima Prefecture. There is a restaurant counter in the middle of the floor and the Chef’s Counter, where customers can watch the chef prepare carefully selected ingredients. Breakfast is served with over 60 types of ingredients. Dinner features the executive chef’s distinctive French cuisine along with wine fastidiously selected by the sommelier.

The interior has an entire wall adorned with authentic Oshima tsumugi silk fabric, a traditional craft from Kagoshima Prefecture, and said to be one of the world’s three great fabrics.

ours of operation Breakfast
7:00-11:00 (Last entry at 10:30)
17:30-22:00 (last orders for food at 21:00 and drinks at 21:30)
Seating capacity 98 seats includes 10 counter seats and 3 private rooms
Reservations TEL: 03-5441-4112

Celestine Dining La Pelouse Tokyo

Keihan chicken rice

Breakfast (image)

Dinner (image)
Comment from Mitsuru Motokoide, Executive Chef, Celestine Dining “La Pelouse Tokyo”

I strive to create memorable, modern cuisine, dish by dish, that incorporates new flavors and ideas and satisfies all five senses.

(4) Lounge & Patio: A Lounge & Patio Area Like a Second Home Living Room

The exclusive guest lounge on the 14th floor is in the style of a fine residence living room and enables guests to spend their time as they see fit using the spacious sofas and large tables with beautiful whole-wood walnut tabletops. They can also make use of the free, self-service drink service 24 hours a day (*alcoholic beverages available for a charge). Plus, a new information counter has been established to expedite service and more promptly meet guest needs.

There’s an open-air patio of more than 700 square meters on either side of the lounge. Its wood deck features a pergola and is arranged with outdoor furniture. The softly shaded patio is like an outdoor living room where you can feel the gentle rays of sun filtered through the trees.

Drink Service Free beverages
Coffee (24 hours), ice coffee, orange juice, and Oolong tea (8:00-22:00)
Other beverages Beer, gin & tonic, red and white wine, etc. (15:00-20:00); from ¥600 (tax included)



(5) Spa AMUSTAS Relaxation Spa and Fitness Room
-Series-First Spa for Relaxation and a More Elegant Stay Experience, and an Open Fitness Room Surrounded by Greenery and Light

The new Spa AMASTAS, THE CELESTINE HOTELS series’ first relaxation spa, and a fitness room have been established to provide a higher degree of rest and relaxation experience that befits a destination hotel.

Spa AMASTAS Relaxation Spa
Inspired by the idea of “Japanese Comfort,” the spa features a two-bed treatment room, which can also be used by couples, as well as one-bed treatment rooms. Enjoy special moments of deep relaxation in a space defined by delicate latticework and soft lighting.

Hours of operation 11:00-22:00 (last entry at 20:30)
Course description
ZEN Amustas
  • 120 minutes
  • ¥28,350 (tax included)
  • Course: Foot bath, full-body oil treatment and stretch, head massage Enjoy moments of quietude in a Zen-like atmosphere starting with a cleansing incense bath for the soles of your feet.


Body oil using olive oil from Amakusa

Treatment image

Fitness Room
A new fitness room was added to meet the needs of guests wanting to exercise during multi-day stays. Facing a patio filled with light and green vegetation, guests can enjoy the open, relaxed atmosphere while using the latest treadmills and exercise bikes from Italy’s Technogym. (For guest use only)

Hours of operation 6:00~23:00

Fitness room

(6) More Twin Type Rooms for Diversifying Accommodation Needs

The hotel has 243 guest rooms. The number of twin rooms will increase from 12 rooms to 51 in response to an increase in tourist and leisure demand, with larger beds to provide even more comfortable accommodations. Guest rooms feature the gentle warmth of natural wood throughout, along with a combination of other luxurious materials such as leather and marble. The interior design offers a sense of elegance conveying the sensation of the CROSS OVER TOKYO concept, and incorporates traditional motifs, including the daisho-arare textile pattern designated by the feudal retainer of Satsuma Domain for its own use, as well as designs inspired by patterns found in glass cutting.

The original amenities use the essence of flowering plants that blossom in the hills and valleys. And some of the guest rooms come with amenities that use exclusive fragrances from L'Occitane (limited to Patio Double, Patio Twin, Celestine Corner Double, Celestine Corner Twin, and Special Room “Tsumugi”).

Superior twin

Patio Twin / Patio Double

La Collection de Grasse amenities, a high-end fragrance line from L’Occitane

Original amenities

Special Room “Tsumugi”
To promote the history of the land as the former site of the Satsuma Domain’s Edo residence and commemorate in 2018 the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration, this corner room’s interior incorporates Oshima tsumugi silk fabric, a traditional craft of Kagoshima Prefecture, and known as one of the world’s three great fabrics. The cushions, headboard, lampshades, foot throw and more make bold use of the fabric.

Special Room “Tsumugi”

Cushions and headboard

Guest rooms

Type Area Bed size (bed width) No. of rooms
Moderate Approx. 204 ft2
(approx. 19 m2)
1,400mm 30 rooms
Moderate double Approx. 204 ft2
(approx. 19 m2)
1,600mm 54 rooms
Superior double Approx. 226 ft2
(approx. 21 m2)
1,600mm 96 rooms
Superior twin Approx. 301 ft2
(approx. 28 m2)
1,200mm 40 rooms
Patio double Approx. 312 ft2
(approx. 29 m2)
1,800mm 3 rooms
Patio twin Approx. 323 ft2
(approx. 30 m2)
1,200mm 3 rooms
Celestine corner double Approx. 484 ft2
(approx. 45 m2)
2,000mm 8 rooms
Celestine corner twin Approx. 484 ft2
(approx. 45 m2)
1,400mm 7 rooms
Special Room “Tsumugi” Approx. 484 ft2
(approx. 45 m2)
1,400mm 1 room
Accessible Approx. 398 ft2
(approx. 37 m2)
1,400mm 1 room
      Total 243 rooms


Scheduled opening Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Location 23-1, Shiba 3-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014
Access Seven minutes’ walk from Tamachi Station on JR Yamanote Line/Keihin-Tohoku Line
One minute’s walk from Shibakoen Station on the Toei Subway Mita Line
Three minutes’ walk from Mita Station on the Toei Subway Asakusa Line
Eight minutes’ walk from Akabanebashi Station on the Toei Subway Oedo Line
Total number of guest rooms 243 rooms
Adjoining facilities Celestine dining, café & bar lounge, relaxation spa, fitness room, guest lounge, and patio
Floor composition First floor lobby (café & bar lounge), Celestine dining
Fourteenth floor guest lounge, patio, relaxation spa, and fitness room
Fourteenth floor to Seventeenth floor guest rooms
Interior and landscape design NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN LTD


Phone +81-3-5441-4111


About Check-in / Check-out Times

Check-in…15:00 / Check-out…12:00