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Mitsui Shopping Park LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza to Undergo Second Set of Major Renovations since Its Opening
103 New or Renovated Stores to Open Sequentially from March 20
Latest Technologies, Including Communication Robot Installation, to Undergo Demonstration Testing! Also Creating New Kid-Friendly Spaces

January 31, 2018
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, January 31, 2018 -- Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced today that it has decided to sequentially open 103 new or renovated stores at the Mitsui Shopping Park LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza in the Saiwai district of Kawasaki City from Saturday, March 20, 2018. This is the second set of major renovations conducted since 2012. The renovations will establish kid-friendly spaces, as well as start experimenting with communication robots and a smart toilet system.

Kawasaki City’s population has increased annually in recent years and station area redevelopment has moved ahead in conjunction with this. On Saturday, February 17, 2018, the north exit passage and north ticket gate at JR Kawasaki Station will open and will newly open to traffic, transforming the station itself into a new, larger form. Mitsui Fudosan will become the naming-right partner for the north exit west bus terminal and north exit passage (elongated deck on the western side of the station), and has collaborated with the City of Kawasaki to enhance customer convenience in such ways as using a deck to connect the north ticket gate to LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza.

In conjunction with this major transformation of the station area, Mitsui Fudosan has undertaken the second set of major renovations of LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza since its opening with the aim of addressing customers’ needs.

Renovation Highlights

A Place of Comfort and Relaxation Aiming to Become Japan’s Best Shopping Center

  1. 103 stores to open anew or following remodeling
  2. Demonstration testing of communication robots and a smart toilet system
  3. Mitsui Shopping Park &mall concept shop appearing for the first time for a limited period!
  4. Starting the Mama with LAZONA project! Newly establishing two kid-friendly spaces and a baby rest area
  5. Furniture within the shopping center completely renewed and employee rest areas expanded to create a comfortable facility that is easier to work in
  6. Station-front Lufa Plaza to receive artificial turf for gathering and relaxation

This renewal of LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza is based on the idea of getting better with age, meaning, of course, that as time passes things mature and increase in value, and will create a place of comfort and relaxation aiming to become Japan’s best shopping center. LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza will continue to evolve and contribute to the development of the neighborhood.

Furthermore, in autumn 2018 a complete renewal is planned for Grand Food, the food court on the first floor.

Renovation Highlights: 1. New Opening or Renovation of 103 Stores Is Decided

The renovation will entail the opening of over 103 new or renovated stores, which is over 30% of the total. Some of the new stores are slated to be establishments sure to draw attention, such as stores opening for the first time in Kanagawa Prefecture and stores opening for the first time in a shopping mall.

Renovation Highlights: 2. New services will undergo experiments with the aim to become a more comfortable and convenient facility

Communication robots / smart toilet system LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza is conducting experiments on the following two items to make the facility more comfortable and convenient for customers, and to give them greater peace of mind.

Communication Robot Experiment * First time for a Mitsui Shopping Park

New communication robots, Sota®, will be installed at several places within the facility. Customers can communicate with the robots and the robots will provide them with information matching their needs, with experiments conducted to see how much of an effect these interactions have on how people move around the facility and their purchasing behavior.

Under this initiative, robots will predict the gender and age of customers and recommend stores, etc., depending on the reason they came to the facility.

Smart Toilet System * First time for a Mitsui Shopping Park

In toilets within the facility there will be door opening and closing sensors on individual cubicles and mat sensors set on queues for women’s toilets, gathering data on toilet use.

Data collected will be stored on the cloud and LCD monitors near toilets will display the status of use of individual cubicles and data on the number of people waiting to use toilets, which will be an experience to see if this has an influence on improving customer convenience. This will be the first instance of a retail facility in Japan to conduct such an initiative using an IoT technology providing simultaneous displays of individual cubicle use and toilet waiting times. Being able to determine the status of individual cubicles in real time could also be useful for raising efficiency in the event of a natural disaster, in crime prevention measures, and for facility management (cleaning and maintenance).

Installing this IoT technology aims to enhance customer convenience and increase efficiency in facility operations.

Renovation Highlights: 3. Mitsui Shopping Park & mall Concept Shop Appearing for the First Time for a Limited Period!

In conjunction with the renewal opening on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, LAZONA+, a Mitsui Shopping Park &mall concept shop, will open for about three months.

Further Expansion of the Omni-Channel Platform

Customers who register with &mall inside the store will be provided with access to a lounge space and while they are shopping, they will be presented with recommended items and information on items selling well within Mitsui Shopping Park &mall. They will be able to buy these products.

Furthermore, Mitsui Fudosan will further expand its omni-channel platform to increase sales through synergistic effects between brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce stores by providing information on new &mall store openings, scheduled for sequential openings from March 2018 to increase from approx. 200 stores to approx. 300 stores by May 2018, and delivering special information on Mitsui Fudosan Group-operated* retail facilities to make shopping more convenient.

Renovation Highlights: 4. Starting Mama with LAZONA Project! Establishing Kid-Friendly Spaces and a Baby Rest Area

Based on the idea of creating a facility kinder to mothers, Mitsui Fudosan has taken the opportunity of this renewal to launch Mama with LAZONA, a facility development for parents based on input from parents their perspective. The first stage of the project involves establishing the kid-friendly LAZOON TERRACE and LAZOON PARK, filled with pleasant attractions for mothers and fathers, on the fifth floor under the concept of Papatame!! Mamatame!!

Renovation Highlights: 5. Furniture within the shopping center completely renewed and employee rest areas expanded to create a comfortable facility that is easier to work in

Renovation Highlights: 6. Lufa Plaza for Gathering and Relaxation

Lufa Plaza has been used by neighboring residents as a lane leading to and from the train station, but with the renovations, it will receive artificial turf and be transformed into a place for people to gather. Thanks to the new turf, new events that could not previously be conducted will be held on the plaza, where people can sit, recline and relax. This project, named “LAZOVIVA,”will be more actively carried out to make the site a true entertainment destination.

Events are planned for the transformed Lufa Plaza on Tuesday, March 20.

Overview of Mitsui Shopping Park LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza

Location 72-1 Horikawacho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Opening September 2006
Site Area Approx. 775,001.5ft2(approx. 72,000m2)
Total Floor Area Approx. 1,851,392.5ft2(approx. 172,000m2)
Store Floor Space Approx. 850,348.9ft2(approx. 79,000m2)
Number of stores Approx. 330
Parking Spaces Approx. 2,000
Access Direct access to the West Exit of JR Kawasaki Station and seven minutes on foot from Keikyu Kawasaki Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line
Operating Hours Sale of goods and services 10:00-21:00
Restaurants 11:00-23:00
*Some stores may have different operating hours
Operation and management Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.

* As of November 30, 2017