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Tokyo Midtown Hibiya
Number of Visitors Tops 2 Million Less Than One Month After Opening!
A Good Start as a New Landmark for Tokyo

April 24, 2018
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, April 24, 2018 - Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced that the number of visitors to Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, which opened on March 29, 2018, has exceeded 2 million in nearly one month since the opening, before the Golden Week holidays at the beginning of May.

1st Floor: Atrium

6th Floor: Park View Garden

Recorded Number of Visitors at a Pace Exceeding Expectations

On the first day that Tokyo Midtown Hibiya opened, there was a queue of over 1,000 people waiting to get in. With this, the complex opened 30 minutes earlier than scheduled, and about 100,000 people visited that day. After that, about 400,000 visitors were recorded as coming over the 4 days (March 29-April 1) up to the first weekend. Subsequently, visitors arrived at a pace that exceeded the initial target, and the cumulative number of visitors topped 2 million (an average of about 80,000 visitors per day) on Monday, April 23, less than one month after opening.

Every day, many customers visit the 60 highly individualistic shops, and customers are enjoying various experiences that are only available here. Sales in the retail shops are making a good start. There are many customers seeking the exclusive products only sold in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya and some stores even quickly sold out. There are endless daily queues for the food stores, restaurants, and take-out stores, and with the coming outing season and the Golden Week holidays in early May, many customers are expected to continue to visit. Moreover, centered on Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, whether it is day or night, the entire Hibiya neighborhood has become one bustling area with customers visiting after watching stage plays or movies in the daytime and businesspeople enjoying standing bars after dusk.

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya will be bustling even more during Golden Week!

From Thursday, April 26 through Sunday, May 20, 2018, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is hosting its very first event the Hibiya Festival, a festival of theater broadcasting from Hibiya to the world. It is expected that this festival will further enliven the complex.

Looking ahead, we will continue to create new experiences and values for the future, while maximizing the utilization of the potential of the Hibiya area, which is quality art and culture, including theaters and cinemas, as well as the luxurious greenery of Hibiya Park. We aim for neighborhood creation that delivers quality time to everyone.