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Digital Fireworks and Limited Time Only Gourmet Goldfish Menu Newly Added to Traditional Nihonbashi Summer Event ECO EDO NIHONBASHI 2018: Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses
Held in the Nihonbashi District from July 6 (Friday) to September 24 (Monday, national holiday)

june 25, 2018
ECO EDO NIHONBASHI Executive Committee
Meikyo “Nihonbashi” Hozonkai (“The Famed Nihonbashi Bridge Preservation Society”)
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, June 25, 2018 - Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced today that ECO EDO NIHONBASHI 2018: Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses sponsored by the ECO EDO NIHONBASHI Executive Committee and Meikyo “Nihonbashi” Hozonkai (“The Famed Nihonbashi Bridge Preservation Society”) will take place this summer in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district from Friday, July 6 to Monday, September 24.

ECO EDO NIHONBASHI will play host to a variety of events and exhibits that bring awareness to the creative techniques and approaches used to keep cool that were cultivated in Nihonbashi during Japan's Edo period, while reinterpreting them for modern life and sensibilities. These techniques include viewing goldfish, lanterns, and fireworks to provide a sense of coolness; eating and enjoying the aroma of limited-time dishes to cool down; and wearing light, breezy yukata robes, as well as taking delight in the refreshing sound of wind chimes. These forms of Edo-period wisdom can be enjoyed in a distinctly Japanese atmosphere.

Moreover, we will expand a variety of collaborative content all across the Nihonbashi district, including ECO EDO NIHONBASHI ART AQUARIUM 2018: Edo, Coolness of Kingyo & Night Aquarium, which includes an aquatic art exhibit, boat rides, goldfish goods, and the perfect ambiance for neighborhood strolls, making it a summer event to be enjoyed throughout the entire district.

Main Events of ECO EDO NIHONBASHI 2018: Enjoy “Cool Edo” with All Five Senses

* Images are either from the past or conceptual

< New Fireworks Spot >“Minamo Fireworks”Color the Naka-Dori Approach to Fukutoku Shrine

Fireworks are said to have originated in Nihonbashi. Minamo fireworks, a digital art made in the image of fireworks projected onto the surface of water (minamo), will make Naka-Dori look like a river.

< Stroll through the Neighborhood >“Yukata & ART AQUARIUM Ticket Benefits”

Visitors who wear a yukata or present a ticket for ART AQUARIUM 2018 may receive special benefits, such as a free drink or gift, from approx. 170 stores in the Nihonbashi district, including long-established stores.

< Famous Stores with Limited> Time Dishes in September“Goldfish Sweets & Bar Walk ”

More than 100 establishments in the Nihonbashi neighborhood, from long-established stores to department stores and luxury hotels, will offer various menu items with a goldfish theme. There is also the new addition of autumnal dishes offered only in September, making the event an enjoyable one for seasonal tastes.

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