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Israeli OT cybersecurity solution, SCADAfence, expand its business to Japan market, backed by Global Brain and Mitsui Fudosan.
brings safety and stability into IoT/Industry 4.0

October 12, 2018
SCADAfence Ltd.
Global Brains Corporation
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

SCADAfence, the world leader in industrial cyber security solutions * 1 for realizing safe and secure smart factories, Global Brain Co., Ltd., and Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. have announced the opening of a domestic office of SCADAfence for full-scale business development in the Japanese market. The "SCADAfence" solution implements the safe and secure smart factories for the IoT / Industrial 4.0 era. The three companies work together to prepare the launch of full support for companies using the same solutions in Japan.

*1: Cyber security solutions for materializing a safe and secure smart factory help protect important assets from server attacks born from outside entities that were made by linking a connection of mutual digital networks across IoT devices and supply chains with the internal IT system of an industrial network. It also helps protect from operational risk made by internal human factors. These cyber security solutions have been structured to implement an expansion of continuous service while providing safety and stability.

The trend of digital transformation within the manufacturing industry is booming. New technologies represented by IoT/Industry 4.0 have forming non-traditional supply chain networks as smart factories and have created new value chains. Smart factories have also brought plenty of merits such as improvement in productivity and quality, reduction of costs and personnel shortage in the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, due to its nature of being “connected,” they have also brought new operational risks called “cyber” and damage has already expanded globally*2. This isn't limited to only the manufacturing industry.
Measures against cyber security risks that increase with expansion are also urgently needed in “smart cities," which aim for continuous economic development by improving the quality of our lives through digitization of the infrastructure surrounding it.

*2 According to the US ICS-CERT Report, within the incidents against important infrastructures reported in the FY 2016, about 60% of the total were in the the manufacturing, communications and energy sectors were affected, 30% of which reaching control systems.

SCADAfence is a professional group of industrial security established by former Israeli military's cyber security development department squad. The solution provided by SCADAfence visualizes the entire vast digital network in smart factories and cities and prevents / detects / recovers security risks. In addition to the growing needs for industry security, GB and Mitsui Fudosan have provided support for SADAfence Intangible through their combined our know-how and knowledge through the “31 VENTURES” Global Innovation Fund, which has been managed by both companies since December 12th, 2017. Because of the investment, Mitsui Fudosan provides domestic office and sales support by utilizing their extensive network. From their many and excellent achievements in both Europe and the US, SCADA fence will open domestic offices and prepare for full-fledged business development to establish a support system for companies using the company’s current solution in Japan.

Statement from SCADAfence CEO, Elad Ben-Meir

Japan is the 4th largest manufacturing country in the world and one of the most advanced when it comes to automation in both manufacturing and smart cities. Making Japan a strategic market for us. I have no doubt that with the support of our strong local partners and our newly established team, we will be making Japan's smart cities and advanced manufacturing plants far more secure.

Statement from Global Brain Co., Ltd, Yasuhiko Yurimoto

In recent years, OT environments, which are network environments such as factories and plants, are becoming connected to the external Internet. However, the number of cases hacked in recent years has been on the rise and cyber-attacks in the OT environment are becoming a familiar threat. Within the startups of cyber security for OT environments, SCADAfence is constructing a unique position that focuses on factories. In addition to the high technology and business development capabilities of SCADAfence, we believe that our company help will strengthen companies within Japan and Asia and would like to help spearhead a new trend of cyber security for OT environments

Statement from Mitsui Fudosan General Manager, Akira Sugihara

From the fund jointly operated with Global Brain, I am happy that this is the first case that overseas investors aim for full-fledged entry into Japan. By utilizing our own assets, Mitsui Fudosan will provide not only funds, but also soft side assistance including office provision and sales support such as partner development. Through our 3 pillars of “funding,” “support,” and “communication,” Mitsui Fudosan will help in the assistance of advance to Japan.

Statement from SCADAfence Country Manager/Japan, Miyoji Kakinuki

We are recently seeing that new era of SmartFactory and SmartCity are moving quite aggressively in Japan. SCADAfence is a solution that one of the most important element which maximize the value of its digital transformation, we plan to establish domestic support systems, and build ecosystems with partner companies in order to develop various services in order to assist our customer moves this important transitions.


SCADAfence is a professional group specialized in the cyber security for Industrial Networks which has established in 2014 by individuals who are former the development division of the Israeli military.
“SCADAfence,” a security software providing functions in OT network especially with a proprietary scalable architecture that realizes security measures for thousands of industrial assets in a large-scale network connected to each other with a single system, and correctly learns those behaviors in its diversified manufacturing process. It has unique features such as algorithms for analyzation and excellent UI which graphically expresses these series of information. The solutions also have ability that installing without making any changes in existing OT networks as well as security devices such as existing networks and firewalls. SCADAfence has been selected by, a world-famous leader in enterprise includes Automobiles, Medical Treatment, and Medical Goods. With headquarters in Israel, they began global business expansion starts with Europe in 2017 (base in Germany) along with the establishment of a domestic office in Japan in 2018.