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Jazz Dream at NAGASHIMA Shops and Restaurants
---Grand Opening on March 28
Largest outlet mall in the Tokai District
Tenants officially announced

January 25, 2002
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Nagashima Kanko Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan and Nagashima Kanko Kaihatsu are joint developers of Jazz Dream NAGASHIMA, the largest outlet mall in the Tokai district. The grand opening will officially take place on March 28. The mall will be occupied by a total of 84 tenants. Most of these will be factory outlets, including 12 overseas brands opening their first outlet in Japan and 52 companies opening their first outlet in the Tokai District.

Construction plan and surrounding environment
The mall will be located at the Kisosansen delta. Because of the similarities with the Mississippi delta, the developers have adopted a New Orleans motif and " jazz," often associated with New Orleans, as part of the name and theme. The mall is also adorned with decorations and objets related to the Mardi Gras, one of the world's three best-known carnivals. The mall building is shaped like a steamboat, similar to those plying the Mississippi River. These touches are the result of a plan to create a dream-like environment that is both fun and lively. The mall is located by the main gate of Nagashima Spa Land, one of the most prominent leisure facilities in the Tokai district. Nearby are several tourist attractions, including Hotel Hanamizuki, a high-end hot springs resort, and Nabananosato, a flower and food theme park. With the creation of the outlet mall, the area will become even more well-known as an attractive " leisure zone."

The new mall will have a unique mix of tenants. It will include those in traditional outlet fields, such fashion, accessory (clothing, lifestyle, and variety), sports, and outdoors, but with reinforced appeal. In addition, the mall will have brands targeting middle-aged and married women---the core clientele of nearby Hotel Hanamizuki and Nabananosato---as well as accessory brands for the many age groups of people who visit Nagashima Superland. Another interesting aspect of the mall is that it will also feature shops selling pottery, crockery, pearls, and other objects for which the Tokai district is so famous. By differentiating it from other malls in Japan, we hope to establish Jazz Dream NAGASHIMA as a powerful force in the industry. A summarized list of tenants is shown below.

Brand-name fashion

  1. [Young adults]
    Young adults constitute the core market of the mall. Tenants for this market include FINE7, which handles such brands as MICHEL KLEIN and ofuon ; LAST CALL ( NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC, BODY DRESSING, etc.); and NEXT DOOR (UNTITLED, OZOC, etc.). Companies appearing for the first time in an outlet mall include Tokyo Style Outlet I, with such brands as Style Com and 22 OCTOBRE.
    Highly popular brands for men and women in their 20s and 30s include Abahouse, SHIPS, and UNITED ARROWS. Also featured will be B.C STOCK, whose brands include Spic & SPAN and JOURNAL STANDARD.

  2. [Teens and 20s]
    For young girls in their teens and 20s, the mall will offer highly popular brands, notably AS/as, OLIVE des OLIVE, and MAJESTIC LEGON. This lineup is expected to be attractive for female visitors to nearby Nagashima Spa Land.

  3. [Married and middle-aged women]
    The mall will have a selection of prominent Japanese and overseas brands specifically for married and middle-aged women, the core customers of nearby Hotel Hanamizuki and Nabananosato. These include many brands that will appear in an outlet mall for the first time, such as STYLE ME and BISTY.

  4. [Kids]
    The kids' zone will center on such prominent brands as miki HOUSE, Persons Kids, and Koshino Junko. Also, Kids' Factory, whose brands include Disney Babies and Mickey for Kids, will open in an outlet mall for the first time.

  5. [Prestige]
    The "prestige zone" has attracted a number of major overseas brands that cross the generation gap. These include COACH, BALLY, and FURLA. A comprehensive range of products will be offered, covering fashion, bags, and shoes.

  6. [Lingerie]
    In addition to such prominent brands as TRIuMPH and AMO'S STYLE, the lingerie section will feature BODY CHAT, a major inner-wear shop, for the first time in an outlet mall.

Fashion accessories
A host of shoe shops will be featured. Tenants include FITLET by REGALCO'. (brands such as Regal and Clarks), ONOFF (Takeo Kikuchi Footwear, Renoma Paris), and reple yorkterrace (Margaret Howell Idea, Tsumori Chisato Walk). Major bag brands, such as popular UNDER LIMIT and Pallet. M, will also be available. Other fashion accessories include popular watch brand G-SHOCK. In addition, a number of pearl accessory shops, with such brands as OKUMURA and TASAKI People, will add a local Tokai flavor.

Lifestyle and variety accessories
A diversity of prominent brands for both singles and married people will be featured, appealing to diverse lifestyles. They include Franc franc (furniture and interior items), bodum (kitchen-related goods), The Body & Bath Shop (bathroom accessories), LEGO (building blocks), and Bose (audio equipment). Appearing for the first time at an outlet mall will be POTTERY POT (pottery and glassware) and m.i.x! (character goods).

Sports and outdoor
There will be a full lineup of famous Japanese and overseas sportswear and outdoor brands, notably adidas, NIKE, NAUTICA, PHENIX, kappa, HELLY HANSEN, Reebok, AIGLE, and Mont-bell. A variety of surfing brands will also available, with such names as Quicksilver, Roxy, Local Motion, and Body Glove. And there will be a full lineup of town-use casual items.

The full complement of jeans brands will appeal to all ages and genders. Our lineup includes EDWIN, SOMETHING, Wrangler, Lee, and BOBSON.

To make the shopping experience even more enjoyable and lively, Jazz Dream NAGASHIMA will include a number of restaurants and a café as follows.

"Swing Court" restaurants
A diversity of prominent brands for both singles and married people will be featured, appealing to diverse lifestyles. They include Franc franc (furniture and interior items), bodum (kitchen-related goods), The Body & Bath Shop (bathroom accessories), LEGO (building blocks), and Bose (audio equipment). Appearing for the first time at an outlet mall will be POTTERY POT (pottery and glassware) and m.i.x! (character goods).

Italian restaurant
The mall will feature the first Tokai District outlet of Kobe-based Italian restaurant chain PIZZERIA FNOCCHI. The dome-shaped oven, located at the center of the restaurant, will produce piping-hot pizzas. Customers can sit at the counter, at a table, or on the terrace.

Vietnam Frog is a chain of Vietnamese restaurants that has taken the Kansai district by storm. A coffee shop version, called FROG'S CAFE, will be located in the mall, offering a space where tired shoppers can relax and enjoy beverages with an Asian flavor.

Mitsui Fudosan's Outlet Park business

Mitsui Fudosan has already developed five operations in its factory outlet business

Tsurumi Hanaport Blossom (Osaka) opened in March 1995
Yokoyama Bayside Marina Shops & Restaurants (Yokohama) opened in September 1998
Marine Pia Kobe Port Bazaar (Kobe) opened in November 1999
Le Fete Tama Minami-Osawa (Hachioji, Tokyo) opened in September 2000
Garden Walk Makuhari (Chiba) opened in October 2000

These facilities, as well as Jazz Dream NAGASHIMA, are designed not only for shopping, but to provide an enjoyable leisure experience. Mitsui Fudosan will continue actively developing this business, which it calls Mitsui Outlet Parks. Jazz Dream Nagashima will become the first Mitsui Outlet Park in the Tokai district.