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The Redevelopment of the Former Defense Agency Site, Roppongi, named “Tokyo Mid Town Project” will hoist the flag of The Ritz-Carlton

November 19, 2003
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
as a representative of consortium members

As a representative of six consortium members, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui Fudosan”), announced today that The Ritz-Carlton (“Ritz-Carlton”) will operate a luxury hotel at the Former Defense Agency site in Roppongi (at Akasaka 9-chome). The consortium members - The National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, The Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Company, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company, Sekisui House, Ltd., Daido Life Insurance Company and Mitsui Fudosan jointly develop the project.

The Ritz-Carlton hotel will be built on the 45th floor and above of the new tower, and the 250 or so guest rooms and restaurants will enjoy spectacular views of Mt Fuji, Tokyo Bay and skyscrapers of Shinjuku. The hotel entrance and banquet rooms will be situated in the first three floors of the building, overlooking four hectares of parkland, which will be renovated with the adjacent Hinokicho Park to provide an open and relaxing space.

US-based Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company is a world-renowned luxury hotel chain. Its award list includes The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Top U.S. Hotel Chain by Business Travel News and many others. Ritz-Carlton is known for its unique hospitality philosophy and excellent quality of personalized service. The proposed hotel will be the operator’s first hotel in Tokyo area, after the first Ritz-Carlton opened in Osaka in 1997.

Recognized as the international center of the Tokyo, Roppongi is home to a large number of embassies and foreign residents. With several high profile developments currently under construction in the area, Roppongi has the potential to become one of Tokyo’s international gateways.
Themed as “Tokyo Mid-Town Concept”, the project aims to establish a new precinct where leisure and business people from around the globe gather and interact. This vibrant 24-hour city strikes a successful balance between work, pleasure, home life and relaxation. Given this aim, a luxury hotel providing a focal point, hospitality outlets and accommodation, was considered essential to the project. Ritz-Carlton’s participation in the project will greatly contribute in achieving this conceptual idea.

The consortium will work further on the project details in line with Tokyo Mid-Town concept.

[ Attached Material ]

Attachment 1-1 Overall project summary

Location 9 chome, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Ropongi Station on Ooedo Line, Hibiya Line,
Nogizaka Station on Chiyoda Line
Project Size 78,394m2
Facility Summary Office 292,000m2
Residential 73,000m2
Retail 51,000m2
Hotel 38,000m2

Attachment 1-2 Location map

Attachment 2-1 Overall project map

*Image is based on the schematic design of the project.
The Minato Ward Office is expected to develop a redeveropment plan for the Hinokicho Park.

Attachment 2-2

Attachment 3  Hotel floor summary

Leased hotel
premises area
approximately 38,000m2
by March 2008
Lease contract

Attachment 4  Exterior image

*Image is based on the schematic design of the project.
The Minato Ward Office is expected to develop a redeveropment plan for the Hinokicho Park.