Providing a New Nihonbashi Experience Under the Concept of "A Place to Spend Valuable Time" eslite spectrum nihonbashi, A Collection of 31 Stores,
Including Stores Making their Japan Debut
COREDO Muromachi Terrace Held its Grand Opening on September 27

September 27, 2019
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, September 27, 2019 - Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, held a grand opening for the retail facility COREDO Muromachi Terrace today, Friday, September 27, 2019.

From left: Mr. Hiroshi Tanaka, Mr. Masanobu Komoda, Ms. Mercy Wu and Mr. Takehisa Aoyagi

At an opening ceremony to commemorate the start of operations at the retail facility, Chairwoman Mercy Wu of The eslite spectrum Corporation, Chair Hiroshi Tanaka of the Nihonbashi Muromachi 3rd District Project Association and president of Tanacho & Co., Ltd., Mitsui Fudosan President & CEO Masanobu Komoda and Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd. President Takehisa Aoyagi took to a stage. They held a tape-cutting ceremony and ushered in a colorful opening.

“As a place to spend valuable time, eslite spectrum nihonbashi will become a place for Japanese and Taiwanese cultures to interact, and we want to try to created a heartwarming store with a cultural aroma. I’d like you all to experience this place as a higher level of excellence within your daily lives. As a member of the Nihonbashi area, we want to move forward together with you,” Ms. Wu said.

Many people gathered, forming a line of about 500 people, in front of the entrance before the opening. After the grand opening at 10 a.m., the complex was soon bustling with people shopping in stores opening in Japan for the first time and enjoying dining.

About the COREDO Muromachi Terrace retail facility

■Main features of COREDO Muromachi Terrace

  1. The facility will provide a new experience for customers in Nihonbashi under the concept of “a place to spend valuable time” and create further prosperity in the Nihonbashi area
  2. The facility will have 31 stores offering popular foods, choice products and experiences, with 2 stores making their debut in Japan, 5 stores making their debut in the Kanto area, and 10 stores making their debut at a retail facility
  3. “eslite spectrum nihonbashi” will be hosted as the main tenant on the second floor. The store will convey a variety of creative and cultural information under the concept of “a culture wonderland for living and reading”
  4. Mitsui Fudosan will cultivate elegant stores that are suitable as the front door of COREDO Muromachi, with the first floor emphasizing harmony with the plaza from casual café dining to stores that handle fine goods made with extraordinary traditional techniques
  5. The basement floor directly connects by underground passageway to Mitsukoshimae Station and Shin-Nihombashi Station, includes a collection of dining establishments suitable for relaxing in the morning and after work

■COREDO Muromachi Terrace: A place to spend valuable time

COREDO Muromachi Terrace offers visitors “a place to spend valuable time” in Nihonbashi, an area steeped in history and tradition. Visitors will feel a connection to the background stories of products and experiences in COREDO Muromachi Terrace. By taking in the essence of the facility, visitors will enjoy new experiences in Nihonbashi through formal gatherings, hangouts, and relaxation. Mitsui Fudosan will convey a new sense of culture and happiness from this “valuable time” spent at the facility.

■Featured tenants at COREDO Muromachi Terrace

First store opening in Japan
eslite spectrum nihonbashi (2F)
First store opening in Japan
Gino Sorbillo Artista Pizza Napoletana
(1F Neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisine)
A first store in Japan for eslite spectrum, which has 49 stores in countries or territories including China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The store will be a place to spend a relaxed and enriching time, and is comprised of eslite (the book zone) with carefully selected books unique to eslite spectrum, a stationary zone, a workshop zone where visitors can participate in high-quality workshops that incorporate select merchandise, and a restaurant and food sales zone assembling fine foods.

The long-awaited Japanese debut of a venerated Neapolitan pizzeria with a history extending over 80 years since its founding. This topical and influential pizzeria is so popular that Italians will form long lines to dine there, saying Gino Sorbillo’s pizza is “worth the wait” with its traditional taste and organic ingredients.

First in Kanto
Ferme La Terre Biei (1F Bakery and patisserie café)
First in Kanto
ISHIYA NIHONBASHI (1F Café and sweets)
First in Kanto and at a retail facility
Kaiboku (1F Inari cuisine)
The first Ferme La Terre store to open outside Hokkaido after its initial debut in the town of Biei in 2017. This store delivers the deliciousness of baked goods made with Hokkaido ingredients such as flour produced by contract farmers in Biei and Jersey cow milk delivered from dairy farms.

The first café outside of Hokkaido to be operated by Ishiya Co., Ltd., the company famous for Shiroi Koibito cookies.
The café will offer “wrap-up parfaits” and its prized pancakes from Sapporo, as well as the sale of Saqu LANGUE DE CHAT cookies.

Kaiboku appears as the first specialty shop in Kanto for its renowned dashi inari, which has a staunch following in Fukuoka. These well-fried tofu pouches absorb plenty of dashi stock and are quite popular.

First in Kanto and in a new business format
Hakata Nyukomatsu
(B1F Modern Hakata food stall)
First at a retail facility
Yakitori Okiraku
(1F Yakitori and oyakodon)
First at a retail facility
Teppanyaki and okonomiyaki
Maido OSAKA kitchen
(B1F Teppanyaki and okonomiyaki)
This establishment features warm hospitality toward customers centered on counter seating and cuisine that uses ingredients from Kyushu. The long-awaited first store in Tokyo for Fukuoka’s COMATSU Group.

A new style of yakitori that adopts traditional culinary methods from French and Italian cooking.

Customers can enjoy teppanyaki cuisine with fresh seafood and high quality Japanese beef, followed up with okonomiyaki as fluffy as pancakes.

First at a retail facility and in a business
(1F Creative sushi dishes and rice flour tempura)
New business format
(1F Brewery and restaurant)
New business format
(1F Lifestyle shop)
A sushi pub created by Akira Uchiyama of Imagineer Co., Ltd., producer of the popular Ebisu restaurants Agemaki and Iwakamutsukari.

A new business format with a craft beer brewery annex. Customers can not only taste freshly made craft beer, but also enjoy live music within the restaurant as the birth of Nihonbashi’s new spot for beer and music.

NOUSAKU handles tableware and interior products created with metal casting techniques that have been cultivated for over 400 years. This flagship store will also have a new product lineup in addition to its full standard lineup.

■Floor composition / overview

COREDO Muromachi Terrace is a retail facility with 3 floors—

The second floor houses Japan’s first eslite spectrum store from Taiwan. (Operated by Yurindo Co., LTD.)

The first floor is comprised of four zones where people can rest or gather; the roofed outdoor plaza in the plaza zone showcases a prosperous atmosphere, along with the Chuo-dori zone, Edo-dori zone, and passage zone facing Chuo-dori, Edo-dori, and Nichigin-dori streets.

The underground floor has rich variety with 9 stores and faces the underground walkway for Mitsukoshimae and Shin-Nihonbashi stations.

<1F> A floor connected to the bustle of the plaza where people can rest or gather

Chuo-dori zone A shopping zone that faces Chuo-dori avenue, lined with storefronts with true hospitality, with a collection of 8 stores with miscellaneous goods and select food products with great individuality that are perfect for gifts.
Plaza zone A collection of 5 stores, including those making their debut in Japan. It includes a casual dining zone unified under a roof extension with a sense of space.
Edo-dori zone 2 stores making their debut at a retail facility suitable for business dinners and receptions. It includes a dining zone where people can enjoy a relaxing meal enhanced by the appeal of Edo-dori.
Passage zone A collection of stores with character, including those making their debut at a retail facility in a passageway where people come and go. It includes a dining zone filled with energy in the evening.

<B1F> A restaurant floor brimming with lively feeling that connects to the station

A bustling underground dining zone primarily focused on establishments that offer different ways to enjoy the evening, from grabbing a drink to sitting down for dinner. It also addresses workers’ needs for breakfast, lunch, takeout, after parties, etc.

Conceptual image of the B1F restaurant floor

<2F>eslite spectrum nihonbashi: a culture wonderland for living and reading

「Eslite spectrum expo」

「Eslite bookstore (bookstore zone)」

「Cooking Studio」

The eslite spectrum is a major Taiwanese hub for culture and information that began as a bookstore based on the concept of “Books, and Everything in Between” and has developed with a focus on creating a place where reading and cultural exchange can flourish. It has been chosen as one of the 14 “coolest department stores in the world” and “the best bookstore in Asia” (*1), and eslite spectrum nihonbashi will be the chain’s first store in Japan. Based on the concept of a “a cultural wonderland for living and reading,” the Nihonbashi location will draw on the unique sensibility of the eslite spectrum to organize and present culture passed down amid the history and lives of the district to become a platform for communicating creative, highly diverse culture and information.

The space will be designed by leading Taiwanese architect Kris Yao, founder of KRIS YAO |ARTECH, and will express the history and culture of Nihonbashi through the aesthetic sensibility of the eslite spectrum based on the concepts of “the intersection of past and present” and “the fusion of old and new.”

The space will be comprised of four zones: eslite bookstore (bookstore zone), stationery zone, select merchandise and workshop zone, and restaurant and food market zone. Along with eslite’s unique selection of books, plans call for products from close to 100 brands. Around 50 Taiwanese brands, including five with their first stores in Japan, and sophisticated merchandise, food products and workshops from Japan and other countries around the world will breathe new life into the Nihonbashi area.

Experiential events, the signature feature of the eslite spectrum, will be held regularly with a rich variety of content, from talks by cultural figures to music events, art exhibitions and cooking demonstrations.

Store operations will be handled by Yurindo Co., Ltd., which manages culture-oriented properties like HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET (in Tokyo Midtown within Hibiya) that go beyond the bookstore category.

*1 Eslite spectrum songyan store was named by the U.S. media network CNN in 2016 as one of the 14 “coolest department stores in the world.” Eslite’s bookstore in Dunnan was selected by the Asia edition of Time magazine in 2004 as “the best bookstore in Asia.”

<Reference Information> The new IPPUKU & MATCHA store will open on the first floor of Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower on September 27, 2019.

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