Otemachi One, the biggest integrated development in the Otemachi area, was completed on Sunday, February 23, 2020. The grand opening for the Otemachi One Avenue commercial area will be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2020.
- This development will transform Otemachi 1-chome into a focus for diversity and the creation of new value. -

March 5, 2020
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

* To prevent further spread of COVID19, the grand opening of Otemachi One has been postponed.
It will be partially opened from June 17th.
* Mitsui Fudosan hereby informs that the opening of the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, which had been postponed, will now be held on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Please refer to the hotel website for details. The opening will be conducted with prime consideration given to securing the safety and security of guests, employees and all associated to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui”, Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Tatsuo Yasunaga) and Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (“Mitsui Fudosan”, Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Masanobu Komoda) are pleased to announce the completion of Otemachi One, an integrated development project in the No. 2 Section of the Otemachi 1-chome District. Construction was completed on Sunday, February 23. Thirty commercial outlets will be opened in the new development, mainly in the Otemachi One Avenue commercial area, and the grand opening will be held on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. (Please note that some retail outlets will commence trading after the grand opening.)

Otemachi One is a large-scale integrated development scheme combining the knowledge and achievements of Mitsui & Co., as a global creator of diverse business initiatives, and Mitsui Fudosan, as an urban development innovator. In addition to advanced facilities, including offices, halls, conference venues, commercial outlets, and a hotel, as well as a large green space, it is one of the biggest developments ever undertaken in the Otemachi area.

Otemachi One is also linked directly to Otemachi subway station. The area will feature numerous restaurants, especially in the Otemachi One Avenue underground commercial area, offering lunches, takeout and dinner venues. In addition, the 30 outlets will include service facilities, such as a convenient running station and a clinic mall.

The Otemachi Mitsui Hall, which offers views of the Imperial Palace, will be opened on Friday, May 15, as a multipurpose venue for events ranging from international conferences to concerts. Other features will include the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi, which will open in July, and the Otemachi One Garden, scheduled for completion at the end of 2022, with the biggest green space in the Otemachi district at approximately 6,000m2 in size. This major development will meet the need for greater diversity in the day-to-day environment for office workers, while also helping to heighten the international competitiveness of Otemachi and Tokyo.

The construction of these properties was used as an opportunity to update district cooling and heating systems and improve disaster-preparedness in the Otemachi district. The buildings feature the most effective seismic damping structures available, and offer the highest standard of safety and security in Japan. For example, the buildings are equipped with dual-fuel emergency generators capable of operating on both medium-pressure gas and oil to provide greater electric power self-sufficiency in the event of a disaster, as well as enhanced provision for the accommodation of people unable to reach their homes in disasters.

External view of Otemachi One

View of Otemachi One Garden as it will appear when completed

About Otemachi One

Project location 2-1, Otemachi 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Transportation Direct access to Otemachi Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi, Tozai, Chiyoda, and Hanzomon Lines, Toei Mita Line)
Main uses Offices, commercial facilities, multipurpose hall, hotel, parking facilities, district heating and cooling systems
Site area Approx. 20,900m2
Total floor area Approx. 357,700m2
Floors Mitsui & Co. Building: 31 above-ground floors, 5 basement levels, Otemachi One Tower: 40 above-ground floors, 5 basement levels
Maximum height Mitsui & Co. Building: Approx. 160m Otemachi One Tower: Approx. 200m
Design/ construction Design/ supervision

Design joint venture established by Nikken Sekkei Ltd. and Kajima Corporation Design
Construction Kajima Corporation
Design architects Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)
Completion of construction Otemachi One Tower: Started May 18, 2016, completed February 23, 2020
Otemachi One Avenue Grand Opening scheduled for May 12, 2020.
Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi: Opening scheduled for July 1, 2020
Otemachi One Garden completion scheduled for the end of 2022

The logo of Otemachi One
The design of the logo represents the combination of “1s” of various colors to form a single beam of light.

Location Map

Office Areas

MITSUI & CO. Building/Otemachi One Tower

Mitsui & Co. will relocate its Head Office to the MITSUI & CO. Building in May 2020. As the developer of Otemachi One, Mitsui & Co. has established an urban area designed to create diversity and new value. In its new Head Office, it aims to enhance the potential of every individual employee and create new value for its various internal and external partners and customers through initiatives based on the Work-X (Workplace Experience) concept.

Many progressive companies in various industries, including major international corporations and leading Japanese companies, have secured space in Otemachi One Tower. These include The Norinchukin Bank, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd., Dell Japan Inc., PwC Japan Group, and UBS Group. Space availability in the building is close to zero.

With a variety of employee amenities, executive services, IT services, and other benefits available exclusively to corporate tenants, Otemachi One Tower is an ideal location for a main corporate office. It also offers Japan’s highest level of safety and security. Otemachi One Tower provides a premium office environment.

Owing to an extensive range of services and facilities made possible by this large-scale development scheme, as well as a flagship office of WORK STYLING, offering a shared office service at multiple locations, Otemachi One Tower is the ideal location for the creation of workstyles based on a variety of business scenarios reflecting today’s increasingly diverse and globalized social environment.

In addition, there are plans for the introduction of “the Throne” service, which allows people in Otemachi One leased offices to check for vacant cubicles in bathrooms on working floors via a special web page. This service is designed to improve the working environment by alleviating bathroom crowding.

Mitsui Office for Tomorrow - Membership Facilities and Services for Corporate Tenants

As companies promote workstyle innovation, people who work in offices are increasingly thinking of more ways to enhance their working environment, or of things they would like to do more with the time freed up by productivity improvements. We aim to respond to these aspirations by providing spaces in which your “more” can become a reality. In December 2020, we will launch “Mitsui Office for Tomorrow” membership facilities and services for corporate tenants in Otemachi One to enhance your workstyle experience.

789m2 (311 seats)

Lunchtime in the cafeteria (artist’s impression)

Coworking in the cafeteria (artist’s impression)


Large meeting rooms (54 seats*, 87m2) x 3
Meeting rooms (18 seats*, 44m2) x 2
Meeting rooms (6 seats*, approx. 10m2) x 3

*Two of the large conference rooms can be used in conjunction with each other.
*Seating numbers are based on school-style layouts.

A large meeting room


Exercise machine area 360m2 (approx. 40 machines)
Free weight training space 39m2
Stretch zone 38m2
Locker rooms (male) (5 shower booths, 54 lockers)
Locker rooms (female) (4 shower booths, 48 lockers)

*There is also a makeup area exclusively for females.

Work Styling

Mitsui Fudosan plans to open one of its largest WORK STYLING offices, a shared office space provider on the sixth floor of the Otemachi One Tower, in the spring of 2021. It includes WORK STYLING “SHARE”, a shared office space service which can be rented in 10-minute increments, including other offices located across the country, and WORK STYLING “FLEX”, a flexible office service accommodating a variety of business needs and situations of corporate customers. WORK STYLING goes beyond the simple provision of office space. Member companies benefit from high added-value shared office spaces designed to facilitate business growth and new value creation.


WORK STYLING “FLEX” (Impression)

Providing highest security and safety in the country

(1) Highly autonomous energy system

To improve autonomous power supply capacity in the event of a disaster, the building is equipped with a cogeneration system capable of generating power using medium-pressure gas, as well as duel-fuel emergency generators that run on both oil and medium-pressure gas. The building will also have sufficient oil reserves to operate for 72 hours in the event the supply of medium-pressure gas is interrupted. If electric power and gas supplies are disrupted, it will be possible to supply power and heat continuously not only to the public areas of the building, but also to the private areas for assuring business continuity.

(2) Highest level of Seismic Damping Structures

Otemachi One is equipped with HiDAX-R oil dampers of the latest technology developed by Kajima Corporation. These systems are highly effective in situations ranging from wind-driven motion to an intensity 7 earthquake. They are especially effective for the prevention of shaking caused by intensity 4-5 earthquakes or long-cycle seismic motion, which are common in Japan, and for the gradual reduction of shaking over a short period of time.

(3) Upgraded District Heating and Cooling System

The main plant for the district heating and cooling system, which is vital to business continuity in the Otemachi One area, will be relocated within the area and upgraded without any interruption to its functionality. The environmental performance of the system and its capacity to operate during emergencies will be also enhanced, along with its ability to withstand flooding and earthquakes. Following this upgrade, the system will play an expanded role as the hub of the energy network for the Otemachi district. Heat is provided by one of the most efficient boiler system in Japan. Other equipment includes high-efficiency inverter-type turbo chillers based on the advanced technology. The system is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 1,000 tons per year by actively utilizing not only waste heat from its gas cogeneration system, but also unused energy such as waste heat from greywater, boiler blow water, etc.

(4) Expanded Accommodation Capacity for People Stranded in Emergencies

The complex will offer temporary accommodation for 2,400 people (approximately 4,000m2), as well as storage space for emergency provisions (approximately 250m2, 22,000 meals). There will also be emergency wells.

(5)Initiatives to reduce environmental impact

Otemachi One has PAL grade 3, ERR grade 3 and CASBEE S class equivalent*.

*Self-assessment based on “CASBEE for Buildings(New Construction) 2014 edition”.

Commercial Area

Otemachi One Avenue

Grand opening on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Thirty commercial outlets will be opened on the first and second basement floors of Otemachi One, with most located in the Otemachi One Avenue area. From morning to lunchtime, through to the evening, these outlets will provide quality time and new ways of enjoying Otemachi for office workers, as well as a wide range of visitors. The availability checking service VACAN will be introduced to provide real-time information on vacant tables for each restaurant, allowing those with limited time to smoothly receive service.

Features of Otemachi One Avenue

  • Because Otemachi One Avenue has direct access to Otemachi’s subway station, its diverse array of restaurants offer a variety of lunch options and spaces for social gathering or parties with colleagues and other such events, for not only office employees at Otemachi One but also office employees throughout the Otemachi district.
  • Otemachi One Avenue has a full range of facilities providing health support services for office employees, including clinics, and a running station.
  • Under the theme “Underground, still feeling the changing seasons and breezes”, the area creates a premium commercial environment with intricate designs and a wealth of colors.
  • The restaurant zone on the first and second basement levels offers a spacious and open feel as the only atrium-type structure in the Otemachi district.

Artist’s impression of the commercial area of Otemachi One

Restaurants and Cafes

With an extensive mix of popular, acclaimed restaurants, Otemachi One Avenue offers many enjoyable lunch options. In the evening, many of these restaurants are suitable for a casual meal while enjoying business communication with colleagues and associates. The atrium design linking the first and second basement floors creates space with a sense of openness. The area offers many choices, including restaurants that can be used to entertain customers, and outlets selling gift items. 

Restaurants and Cafés - Second Basement Floor

Restaurants and Cafés - First Basement Floor

Restaurants and Cafés - First Floor

Retail Sales and Services

Otemachi One Avenue has facilities offering services to help office employees maintain good health, including a drugstore, a running station, and a clinic providing convenient access to medical advice, as well as other outlets providing services required by office workers, such as a bank and a convenience store.

*This information is current as of Thursday, March 5, 2020, and may be changed in the future.

Overview of Outlets in the Commercial Area

Floor Type Name Description
B2F Café/bar PRONTO Pronto This café-bar is themed on an Italian-style bar. In Italian, “pronto” means “ready”. Customers can start their day with richly aromatic coffee and toast, enjoy a pasta lunch, or have afternoon tea with cake. In the evening, it serves as a bar with a wide selection of drinks accompanied by an extensive food menu, including delicious snacks. Pronto is the ideal spot for relaxation at any time of the day.
B2F Italian Enoteca D'oro Enoteca D'oro This restaurant specializes in regional Italian cuisine and wines. Its dishes combine traditional recipes from various parts of Italy with seasonal ingredients. As a specialist wine shop, it offers a range of 300 wine varieties from every Italian region. Enoteca D'oro is a place to enjoy the subtle harmony between traditional Italian food and wine.
B2F Japanese Ningyocho Densui Otean The first Otemachi branch of the popular Densui restaurant is in Ningyocho, and this Japanese restaurant is known for fresh seasonal vegetables, excellent sake, and delicious meals. Lunchtime favorites include Ginshari Teishoku (a set meal with rice), while Densui Hassun, a selection of Japanese delicacies, and the sashimi selection are the perfect accompaniments when relaxing with sake in the evening. Densui’s signature dish, Kuro Toryufu no Donabe Gohan (cooked rice with black truffle), is served just as in the restaurant in Ningyocho.
B2F Chinese Minmin Minmin Founded in 1953, this restaurant pioneered fried gyoza. Its reasonably priced dishes are created by veteran cooks using carefully selected ingredients. Minmin is perfect for eating, and perfect for drinking.
B2F Korean BBQ KollaBo KollaBo is the result of a collaboration among 15 long-established Korean BBQ restaurants in South Korea and offers a variety of exquisite dishes from those famous restaurants. This is the ideal choice if you want to try authentic Korean cuisine based on the traditions of some of the most popular restaurants in South Korea. The beef used is top-quality wagyu (A4/A5) from the Koraiya BBQ restaurant in Osaka.
B2F Japanese tavern (izakaya) Yamashiroya Saketen Directly operated by a highly respected liquor store in Kure City, Hiroshima prefecture, this low-cost tavern operates both as a liquor retailer and a tavern, so you can buy liquor to take home or enjoy drinks in-house. This is a place to drop by for a casual drink, either standing, or seated at the bar or a table. It offers delicious snacks that go well with local sake, including tavern favorites like niku-dofu (beef and tofu), and maguro-butsu (tuna chunks). Be sure to try their super-fizzy Setouchi lemon sour (shochu mixed with soda water and lemon juice) made with lemons directly sourced from contract growers in the Setouchi region.
B1F Café Tully’s Coffee Founded in Seattle, Tully’s Coffee uses rigorously selected beans from various countries. This specialty coffee shop is the perfect place to casually enjoy a cup of genuine espresso, which is hand-brewed to attain the highest quality. It also offers a wide variety of sandwiches and other side dishes.
B1F Bakery, café & Coffee Maison Kayser This café offers a total food experience as a space where customers can enjoy meals paired with its popular croissant and bread varieties. It is a place where communities are formed through coffee, and where people discover themselves through free interactions, and where new beginnings occur.
B1F Hamburgers, café the 3rd Burger The 3rd Burger Enjoy “Real Fresh, Real Burger” here. The 3rd Burger offers new burgers based on a totally new concept. They are good for you – even if you eat one every day. The buns are fermented and baked in-store daily, and the patties are made individually by procuring fresh block meat that has not undergone freezing.
B1F Tea The Alley Under the theme “It’s time for tea. A beautiful life in love with tea”, this global chain of tea stores offers unique tea drinks made from the finest leaves, as well as a menu of snacks and confectionary that perfectly complement their fine tea.
B1F Chopped salad CRISP SALAD WORKS Crisp Salad Works Experience real flavors in this custom salad restaurant. With a selection of around 30 toppings, salads are the main dish here. The vegetables are finely chopped and combined with just the right amount of dressing. You can enjoy your salad as a complete meal while savoring each ingredient’s distinctive flavor with every mouthful.
B1F Curry Indian Curry This old-established curry restaurant chain has been popular in Osaka for over 70 years. Founded in 1947, it now has nine branches in Osaka, Ashiya, and Tokyo. This branch is its second in Tokyo. Indian Curry is supported by loyal regular customers who return again and again to enjoy the unique initial taste experience of sweet fruitiness, followed by a subtle spiciness.
B1F Yakiniku bowl, sukiyaki bowl Niku no Yamaki Shoten This beef yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant uses only fresh meat sliced just before cooking. Every branch is equipped with a big slicer, allowing the beef to be processed on-site. Enjoy the live yakiniku experience of watching your meat being sliced and cooked in front of you.
B1F Tonkatsu (pork cutlets) Tonkatsu Maruya Kiwami This specialty restaurant offers high-quality tonkatsu (pork cutlets) at reasonable prices. Each piece is hand-crafted using pork selected for quality and freshness. This focus on quality has been taken a step further at Otemachi One branch, which has been named “Tonkatsu Maruya Kiwami.”
B1F Soba noodles Soba Dining Rinya Soba Dining Rinya Designed for stand-up eating, this soba (buckwheat) noodle restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The star item for its lunch hours is Rinya original chicken soba tsukemen (noodles served with dipping broth.) Rinya chefs use chicken thigh and tsukune (minced meat formed into chicken balls) from chickens specially raised in Kyushu called hanamidori. For added enjoyment, modify the flavor part-way through your meal by adding chili oil or pepper, both prepared in-house, or a raw egg. At night, Rinya transforms into a place for enjoying beer or sake while nibbling deep-fried skewers and tempura.
B1F Chinese soba noodles Tanaka Sobaten -Chinese Noodle Resaurant This restaurant serves salted pig bone broth ramen based on Kitakata ramen. Themed as a place to enjoy a country-style ramen, it evokes a warm sense of nostalgia. The soup is prepared by carefully simmering it for more than two days. The experience is enhanced by other lovingly prepared ingredients, such as sliced roast pork fillet, which melts in your mouth.
B1F Tendon Kaneko Hannosuke Nihonbashi Tendon This is a branch of a famous Edo-style tendon (rice bowl topped with tempura) restaurant based in Nihonbashi. Aiming for stylish and wild offerings, carefully selected conger eels and other delicacies are sourced each morning from Toyosu Fish Market. Kaneko’s chefs fry tempura in hot, fragrant sesame oil and add a special secret sauce to the rice. Together this trinity forms the perfect tendon meal.
B1F Tsukemen, ramen Tsujita The Tsujita noodle chain, which originated in Tokyo, is known for its ramen noodles served with thick pork-bone broth flavored with seafood. A combination of soup made from carefully selected ingredients and custom-made noodles offers you a supreme tsukemen experience. To enjoy the last drop of flavor, try customizing your dish by adding sudachi citrus juice or black mixed spices to transform the taste.
B1F Sanuki udon noodles Ibuki Udon Ibuki Udon brings out the best in every ingredient to create authentic sanuki udon. As you enjoy the firm and silky smooth noodles, your mouth will be filled with the rich flavor of a unique soup stock made from high-quality Ibuki dried sardines.
1F Coffee Horiguchi Coffee This is Horiguchi Coffee’s first outlet specializing in takeout service. In addition to drip coffee made using freshly roasted beans, its takeout menu also includes arranged drinks and freshly baked treats from Patisserie Yu Sasage. It also sells packs of various types of roasted coffee beans (starting from 200g).
1F Coffee and confectionary store Venchi Venchi is an old-established Italian company specializing in chocolate and gelato. Its chocolates are manufactured using traditional recipes dating back to its founding in 1878. In addition to pick & mix sales, it also offers a wide range of gifts and other items, as well as a selection of 12 flavors of freshly made gelato.
B1F Bank SMBC Mitsui & Co. Building Branch This branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation is the bank for business people. Customers who are busy during the day can avoid waiting by making appointments. This branch is a convenient place to seek financial advice, file address changes, or carry out other procedures, either at lunchtime or on your way home from work. The branch also has a free space with power outlets.
B1F Dental office Otemachi One Dental Office Transform your smile with beautiful, healthy white teeth right here in the Otemachi office district. Otemachi One Dental Office provides office workers with an easy, dependable way to access dental care to suit their work schedules. Talk to the professionals here any time, whether you need treatment before a sudden business trip, or to get a regular check-up before starting an overseas assignment.
B1F Internist Clinic for Otemachi Clinic for Otemachi is ready to assist those requiring immediate treatment or regular care. It offers primary care, including internal medicine and treatment for allergies and lifestyle diseases (diabetes, etc.), as well as anti-aging and beauty treatments. For those planning overseas business trips, Clinic for Otemachi can also assist with travel vaccinations and health checks.
B1F Dispensing pharmacy Sogo Yakkyoku Sogo Yakkyoku helps to bring peace of mind and wellbeing to the communities that it serves. As a community “health station”, it supports everyone in their efforts to achieve good health. By working closely with medical institutions, it supports people and their families and helps to expand the circle of peace of mind and happiness in communities.
B1F Dermatologist Otemachi Hifuka Otemachi Hifuka is a specialist dermatology clinic offering accessible consultation services for busy office workers. While it mainly provides treatment under insurance plans, it can also assist with various types of non-insurance consultation. It actively employs laser dermatological therapy (covered by insurance) and also carries out surgery, including the removal of benign skin tumors.
B1F Drugstore Welcia Welcia drugstores combine specialist support with convenience and offer lifestyle advice focusing on health and beauty. Customers earn one T point for every ¥100 spent (excluding tax) and can spend accumulated points for a value of ¥1 per point.
B1F Convenience store 7-Eleven Convenient and close at hand, 7-Eleven stores offer a new convenience store experience every day. This store offers a full range of day-to-day essentials for office workers, including food, drinks, and wearable items. You can look forward to the staff’s daily recommendations.
B1F Running station Raffine Running Style The Otemachi One branch of Raffine Running Style is the closest running station to the Imperial Palace. Thanks to their rental kit sets, which include the latest Nike running shoes, you can go running even if you have no running gear with you. Please stop by when you plan to run around the Imperial Palace track.
* Available for general use from July
1F Teppan-yaki, Japanese food TBD A restaurant will be opened by Positive Dream Persons, a nationwide group engaged in the wedding planning, hotel, restaurant, and flower business.
* Scheduled to open in the winter of 2020

Multipurpose Hall Area

Otemachi Mitsui Hall/Otemachi Mitsui Conference Center

Grand opening on Friday, May 15, 2020/Bookings now being accepted

Located on the third floor of the MITSUI & CO. Building is the Otemachi Mitsui Hall, an ideal venue for both business events, such as international conferences and trade fairs, and entertainment, including live musical performances. With a glass wall approximately 7 meters high, the venue is designed to provide expansive views of the beautiful area of greenery. The hall and foyer, which are approximately 700m2 and 380m2, respectively, can be combined to create a single, wide space. The range of possibilities can be expanded even further by using the hall in conjunction with rental conference facilities in the adjacent Otemachi Mitsui Conference Center. The area will be a new venue for the promotion of business networking and international exchange and the sharing of culture and art.

Venue for a Diverse Range of Performances

The opening of the Otemachi Mitsui Hall on Friday, May 15 will be followed by Otemachi One Opening Events described below. During the summer of 2020, there will be a long-running show featuring large-screen projections of ukiyo-e woodblock prints and kinbyobu (gold-leafed folding screen) images by Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, Tawaraya Sotatsu, and Ogata Korin, all of whom have become popular around the world. This novel exhibition on the Japanese traditional art will combine digital technology, images, and music to present dramatic large-screen images of masterpieces of ukiyo-e by Hokusai and Hiroshige, and kinbyobu by Sotatsu and Korin.

Features of the Otemachi Mitsui Hall

  • Has a full range of international conference equipment, including simultaneous interpreting systems, as a facility created to enhance the international competitiveness of the Otemachi district
  • Designed for diverse uses with features that include retractable seating system, an elevator stage, and a foyer that can be used in conjunction with the main hall
  • A 7-meter glass wall providing views of the beautiful parkland

Artist’s impression of the Otemachi Mitsui Hall in use (1)

Artist’s impression of the Otemachi Mitsui Hall in use (2)

Otemachi One Opening Event

Date Organizer Event Performer Description
Saturday, May 16 Mitsui & Co., Mitsui Fudosan Gagaku, song and dance performances evoking The Tale of Genji Tokyo Gakuso This Gagaku performance to commemorate the opening of the Otemachi Mitsui Hall will be a future-oriented celebration of the wisdom and decisiveness of our ancestors based on the elegant world portrayed in a Genji picture scroll.
Sunday, May 17 Hot Stuff Promotion Live performance by Kotringo to mark the release of Kotringo Best Kotringo Creator of incidental and background music for the perennially popular animated movie Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni (In This Corner of the World), Kotringo won the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Music, the 71st Mainichi Film Awards for Best Music, and Best Music Award in the Osaka Cinema Festival 2017. This will be a part of a long-awaited release tour, which will be a retrospective of the 13 years since Kotringo’s debut and an opportunity for the audience to see how each song has developed, as if birdwatchers peering into the world of colorful, small birds through a telescope.
Monday, May 18 Sunrise Promotion Tokyo Yanagiya Kosanji/ Yanagiya Sanza master-pupil performance Yanagiya Kosanji Yanagiya Kosanji the 10th is currently the only rakugo storyteller designated as a Living National Treasure. Speaking in even tones, he presents a vivid and unforgettable performance that is a unique opportunity to experience the wonder that is Edo rakugo. For this unmissable performance, Kosanji will present a performance with his student, Yanagiya Sanza.
Wednesday, May 20 Nippon Broadcasting System Live performance by Ryudo Uzaki Ryudo Uzaki This live performance will celebrate the opening of the Otemachi Mitsui Hall, a new venue towering over Otemachi in the heart of Tokyo. This is your opportunity to spend some premium time enjoying the music of Uzaki Ryudo, which fascinates mature adults.
Thursday, May 21 Hot Stuff Promotion Toki Asako Live 2020 SS- “264 Keys” Asako Toki This performance by Asako Toki and three singer-songwriting keyboard players (Daisuke Kawaguchi, Ichiyo Izawa, and Shunsuke Watanabe) can be expected to be a dream collaboration.
Friday, May 22 Hot Stuff Promotion Sasagawa Miwa Tour 2020 Miwa Sasagawa Since her debut in 2003, Miwa Sasagawa has built a unique presence as a singer-songwriter who spins words into essay-like songs into which she sublimates her stories and experiences.
Saturday, May 23 DESK GARAGE Ziggy Tour 2020—“News Side Beach!!” Ziggy From New Side Beach, Ziggy Tour 2020 will comprehensively cover Japan from north to south and east to west.
Sunday, May 24 KM Music Nukumori Reiwa Moon Live Various Cherishing small lives with love and responsibility - Join with these wonderful artists to send lots of nukumori (warmth) through the Nukumori Project launched in 2009.
Saturday, May 30 Hayashi International Promotion TBD Hoshikuzu Scat Starting from activities centered in Shinjuku 2-chome and extending the activities to events and concerts nationwide, this group has grown into highly entertaining performers of wide-ranging songs covering many eras and genres. The performers, each with their own distinctive singing voices, are attracting growing attention for their ability to present a unique world view through their sophisticated harmonies.

*The name “Otemachi One Opening Event” will be applied to all performances.
*For the infection control of the new coronavirus, there is a possibility that those events will be canceled.

Hotel Area

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

Opening on Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Located on the 3rd floor and the 34th through 39th floors of the Otemachi One Tower, Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi will have a total of 190 guestrooms. It will open on Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Guests will enjoy views of Mount Fuji in the distance, and the wooded parkland around the Imperial Palace below.

Under the leadership of internationally renowned interior designer Jean-Michel Gathy, Denniston International Architects and Planners will create the interior designs for the guestrooms and other facilities. Common-use facilities include a spa with a pool, lounges, and private living room for business travelers. On the third floor, an event area with over 1,300m2 of spaces, including a ballroom and four small meeting rooms, can accommodate events ranging from weddings to large conferences.

DESIGN STUDIO SPIN will design the restaurant area on the 39th floor. Restaurants will include EST, which will offer innovative French cuisine, Pigneto, where diners can enjoy Italian dishes in a relaxed milieu with a show kitchen and outside terrace, and Virtù, a bar with a unique concept blending Tokyo and Paris.

Features of Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi

  • Managed by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, a company with a reputation for world-class service
  • A landmark hotel in an excellent location with some of the best views in Japan
  • Sophisticated interior spaces created by leading international designers

Artist’s impression of the exterior

Artist’s impression of the entrance

Artist’s impression of a restaurant