AEA2020: October 27th to 29th Online
30 Tech startups from 13 countries and regions in Asia register to
seek collaboration opportunities with Japanese companies

September 29, 2020
Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee

(Chiba, September 29, 2020) The Asian Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) Steering Committee announced today that it will hold the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2020 event (AEA 2020) from October 27th to 29th. AEA, which is held 8 times since 2012, is an innovation award where young entrepreneurs and tech startups from Asia compete to change the world. Pioneering a new approach reflecting the “new normal” working styles driven by the pandemic, this year’s AEA2020 will take place completely online, connecting 30 progressive tech startups from 13 countries and regions in Asia.

Given the growing demand for new technologies aimed at facilitating new normal lifestyles, AEA2020 will showcase emerging Asian tech startups offering solutions in the areas of Healthcare, Communication, Work style reform, and Quality of Life; four key themes that are particularly prominent today.

AEA2020 will take full advantage of this first-ever online format to further enrich the event contents. Startup entrants will be invited to make presentations from their own home countries and regions, allowing them to customize the style and content of their presentations, such as adding live streaming from their local offices or inviting local staff to participate in the presentations. This will allow the audience to learn more about the startups and get to know the unique features of each.

The AEA2020 business-matching sessions between Japanese companies and startup entrants will also go fully online. This format will allow the tech companies to showcase large or sensitive prototypes which might otherwise have been difficult to deliver in Japan; it will also allow potential Japanese partner companies to learn more about their technologies and working culture. These matching sessions are designed to create opportunities for the presented solutions to be commercialized in Japan.

Since its launch in 2012, AEA has provided a stage for promising entrepreneurs and startups from rapidly growing countries and regions in Asia on which to showcase their business ideas and technologies addressing social issues. All the startup entrants for AEA 2020 were nominated by incubators, accelerators, universities or other institutions supporting start-up companies in their respective countries and regions.

During the event, the startups will compete in business presentations showcasing their services and products, with the winners being selected on the basis of a wide range of criteria. These will include innovativeness, the social impact of their products and services, their commercial viability, the potential for collaboration with Japanese companies and the opportunity for business expansion in Japan.

AEA expects for Asian technology startups seeking to develop business in Japan through live demonstrations in “Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City”- the “ the City of the Future “ tackling themes:” environmental coexistence”, “health and longevity” and “creation of new industries”- and working together with Japanese companies.

■ AEA2020 Overview

Date Tuesday, October 27th to Thursday, October 29th
Format Online
Language English
Official website (English) (Japanese)
Registration for general audience will be available from September 29th)
Please contact with any inquiries including sponsorship program.
Host Asian Entrepreneurship Award steering committee
Co-hosts Division of University Corporate Relations – The University of Tokyo
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.(Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City)
TX Entrepreneur Partners General Incorporated Association (TEP)
The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs (JASVE)
Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

■ AEA2020 Entrants

# Company Country and Region
Tactile sensor for robots that measures 3D deflection and vibration
2Anavision Ltd.China
AI-based image analysis technology for data collected from drones and satellites
3Healtell(Guangzhou) Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.China
Precision injection micro MEMS pump with unique core IP used for insulin injection etc.
4Onesight Technology Co.,Ltd.China
Building life cycle management solution using AR / BIM / IoT
5Ai Health Highway India Private LimitedIndia
A smart stethoscope that screens for heart and lung dysfunction using AI and machine learning based on heart and lung sound information
SaaS-based AI cloud platform for diagnostic assistance in X-ray / CT examinations
A solution that calculates workplace infection risks by monitoring social distance and mask-wearing status
8Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt LtdIndia
A non-contact vital monitoring solution that functions simply by placing the device under the mattress
9Ghoonuts Inc.Japan
Indoor location identification and analysis solution using Bluetooth from smartphone
10Mantra Inc.Japan
A manga translation tool equipped with a high-precision machine translation engine. It connects manga and readers across language barriers and achieves the same level of translation as humans
A simple and fast aptamer-based disease testing solution applicable to COVID-19 and various other infectious diseases
12Nitium Technology Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
Porous nickel titanium (NiTi) dental implants with new materials and low-cost manufacturing technology
13Chronoptics LimitedNew Zealand
3D camera solution using advanced flight time depth sensing technology
14Rumarocket Limited IncorporatedPhilippines
HR platform utilizing behavioral science and machine learning
15"Sensor-Tech" Limited Liability CompanyRussia
Smart assistant solution for the hearing and visually impaired
Communication support solution for the visually and hearing impaired
17Care Mentor AIRussia
Computer vision system that assists in the detection of tumors in radiodiagnosis
18ECOPSY TechnologiesRussia
A data-driven HR solution that includes an AI-based interview analysis system
19Brain Pool Tech Private LimitedSingapore
Wide-area outdoor space management platform that combines 2D maps, 3D digital twins and sensors
20JN Medsys Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Accurate and reasonable genome analysis equipment for precision medicine that can also test COVID-19
21Meracle Pte LtdSingapore
Device that visualizes medication upon inhalation with smartphone app solutions for patients with respiratory illness
22Nplasty Pte LtdSingapore
Orthopedic surgery training solution by visual simulation using VR
23OPSIS Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Real-time sentiment analysis tool with facial expression image data based on psychological model
24Roceso Technologies Private LimitedSingapore
Soft robot exoskeleton solution for rehabilitation and daily life for patients with motor dysfunction
25ioNetworks Inc.Taiwan
Image / video analysis and management solution utilizing AI
26PowerArena CorporationTaiwan
A computer vision platform applicable to any general webcam, which identifies bottlenecks in a production line
27Taiwan RedEye Biomedical Inc.Taiwan
Hemoglobin detection system that detects blood in excrement in home medical monitoring
28Eden Agritech Co., Ltd.Thailand
A transparent edible film that protects food,such as fruits and vegetables, from deterioration
29Energy Response Co., Ltd.Thailand
AI/IoT platform that to streamline energy management in facilities, improving efficiency
All-in-one platform for SMEs centered on smart POS