First Overseas Opening Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport SHANGHAI JINQIAO
Opening April 28, 2021
Filled with Time-Spending Content Around an Axis of “Experience”

March 31, 2021
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, March 31, 2021 – Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced today that it will open Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport SHANGHAI JINQIAO, a regional shopping center in Shanghai, China. The project was developed through Shanghai Jinqiao Commercial Management Co., Ltd., a wholly owned project company established by Mitsui Fudosan to advance the project. Under the concept of “mature with age”, the Company will leverage the expertise in retail property operation and leasing that the Company has accumulated over more than 40 years to open its first overseas “LaLaport” on April 28, 2021 as a new flagship store for Asia. Approximately 180 stores will open in phases by autumn of the same year.

Consumer patterns in Shanghai, China have come to be characterized by a high rate of e-commerce use. Consumers’ expectationson real-world facilities nowadays goes beyond just to purchase products. At LaLaport SHANGHAI JINQIAO, Mitsui Fudosan has worked to respond to these consumer needs by providing an abundance of time spending content centered around “experience.” In addition, the Company will provide a wide range of exciting content, from highly fashionable brands and convenient stores for daily use to a restaurant zone and a showroom for electric vehicles, which the Chinese government is promoting to contribute to zero emissions. Mitsui Fudosan will launch an exhibition of the first overseas life-sized Freedom Gundam statue and hold various Gundam-related events throughout the facility.

In addition, based on local hygiene standards, the facility will strive to create an environment in which visitors can shop with peace of mind by taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as sorting entrances and exits, checking health codes and measuring body temperature when visitors entering the building.

After LaLaport SHANGHAI JINQIAO as its first facility in China, the Company plans to follow up with the opening of Lianhua Road Station Building Retail Facilities (tentative name) in the same year. Looking ahead, the Company will expand its retail property business in China while aiming to create attractive facilities that are popular with the local community.

Facility concept: “Brand New Lifestyle Junction”

A vibrant place where people connect with each other. Here, new lifestyles are created and become trends. Our goal is to create a facility that delivers new lifestyles as a result of diverse personalities mingling.

External view of the facility

Image of internal view of the facility

Key Points of This Press Release

  • First overseas Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport to open on April 28 in Shanghai, China.
  • Facility to open in Shanghai’s leading new development zone. Highly original facility design inspired by origami.
  • Approximately 180 stores to open, representing a variety of domestic Chinese and international brands, including stores debuting in China and stores focused on intangible consumption based on experiences.
  • Creating China’s largest-scale Gundam site with the life-sized Freedom Gundam statue and flagship shop of the Gundam Base .
  • Realizing a kind facility using expertise from Japan, such as “Mama with LaLaport” and employee satisfaction improvement initiatives

(1) Location and design

1. Facility location

The facility is located in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Jinqiao Development Zone) in the Pudong area, one of the fastest-developing areas of eastern Shanghai and a new economic zone symbolizing the city’s development of the finance, IT, electronics, and chemical, and other industries.
Approximately 850,000 people live within a five kilometer radius of the facility, so that there is already a market of some scale. Moreover, it is also a high growth market that will continue to develop. The area also has a well-established international image. Many foreign companies have set up operations locally, and there are a significant number of high quality residences, as well as second homes.

2. Facility design

The facility design combines the modern and stylish image of Shanghai, one of Asia’s leading international cities, with the traditional Japanese cultural art of origami. By incorporating sharp, geometric designs throughout at appropriate points, the design aims to be simple yet dynamic, as well as highly original.

Computer generated image of external view of the facility

(2) Store lineup

1. Stores focused on spending time, centered on experiences

The store lineup has the hallmarks of a Japanese developer, featuring stores debuting in China or Shanghai, many of which can be experienced only at this facility.

2. Dining and food
■ Japanese restaurant zone

aLaport SHANGHAI JINQIAO will also have the Japanese restaurant zone popular in Shanghai. With 13 restaurants and an environmental design that incorporates elements of Japanese design such as eaves and noren curtains, the zone aims to be a space that communicates the latest trends in Japanese cuisine.

Computer generated image of Japanese restaurant zone

■ Snack and food sales zone “LaLa Marche”

This zone is modeled on a typical Japanese department store basement floor specializing in food sales. The zone includes Japanese and Chinese sweets shops, restaurants and other foods.

Computer generated image of “LaLa Marche”

■ Food court

This area will feature 10 popular Chinese restaurants, with seating for around 600 diners, including terrace seating. Also, there will be kids' seats and baby chairs, and kids' spaces for children to play with.

Computer generated image of food court

3. Many other popular domestic Chinese and foreign brands

※The time of opening varies from store to store. Please check the website for the latest information.

(3) The Largest-scale Gundam site in China

1. The life-sized Freedom Gundam statue

Concept drawing of completed statue (daytime)

Concept drawing of completed statue (nighttime)

2. The Gundam Base Shanghai

Computer generated image of the store

(4) Creating kind facilities

1. “Mama with LaLaport” - Reflecting feedback from mothers

Using expertise developed through the “Mama with LaLaport” initiative implemented at each LaLaport facility in Japan, Mitsui Fudosan is also rolling out measures to make facilities that are kind to families and mothers raising children in China too.

Mama with Lalaport
The Mitsui Fudosan Group understands that parents would like to freely enjoy shopping even when they have to look after their small children. This project to realize their aspirations started with in-house suggestions from working mothers at Mitsui Fudosan. Based on a motto of making LaLaport facilities friendlier to mothers, the Mama with LaLaport initiative not only seeks to enhance the functions of facilities by adding feeding rooms and kids’ spaces based on advice from within and outside of the Company and from customers, but also to hold events for parents and children to enjoy, and aims to be a facility friendly to parents of young children.

2. Indoor and outdoor event spaces

Spaces suitable for all kinds of events are provided indoors and outdoors. Areas offering an abundant sense of open space can be used to host various events. The indoor event space has a four-story high stairwell section enabling people to view events from the upper levels. Meanwhile, large LED screens provide a sense of openness and unity throughout the entire facility.

Computer generated image of indoor event space

3. Initiatives aimed at creating a comfortable work environment

At the facility, employee lounges have been provided to realize a comfortable working space for employees and increase employee satisfaction. Furthermore, group recruitment explanation meetings are held and support for employee recruitment is provided.

Image drawing of employee lounge

4. Building Environmentally Friendly Facilities

The facility is taking environment-frienly measures. In addition to having electric vehicle showrooms that contribute to zero emissions, which the Chinese government is taking the initiative in addressing, the facility will be equipped with 128 electric vehicle charging equipments in its on-site parking lots.

5. Point program service

The facility will provide membership sign up and point program services using the smartphone app “WeChat,” which is the main platform for point program service in China. Furthermore, WeChat’s communication functions will be used to send out various promotion messages and distribute store coupons.

Project Overview

Location 738 Xinjinqiao Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Access 7 minutes on foot from Taierzhuang Station on Shanghai Metro Line 9
Business format Regional shopping center
Site area Approx. 462,848 ft² (approx. 43,000 m²)
Total floor area Approx. 1,571,531 ft² (approx.146,000 m²)
Retail area: approx. 1,388,544 ft² (approx. 129,000 m²)
Office area: approx. 18,298 ft² (approx. 17,000 m²)
Store floor area Approx. 592,015 ft² (approx. 55,000 m²)
Structure 11 floors above ground, 2 floors below ground
Retail area: B1F to 6F (partly on 7F)
Parking: B1F and B2F
* 7F to 11F are offices (not part of the project)
Number of stores Approx. 180 stores
Parking capacity Approx. 1,000 vehicles (planned)
Operation and management Shanghai Jinqiao Commercial Management Co., Ltd.
Schedule Opening: April 28 2021
Fully open in fall 2021 (planned)
Facility HP
※Released in mid-April (tentative).
※Only in simplified Chinese.

Mitsui Fudosan’s Overseas Strategy

One of the aspirations of VISION 2025, the Mitsui Fudosan Group’s long-term management policy, is “to evolve into a global company.” Accordingly, the Group will continue to seek robust growth in the overseas business. Mitsui Fudosan has been conducting business in countries and regions in Asia, in addition to the US and the UK. In the retail property business, the Group has been promoting the outlet mall business in Kuala Lumpur and cities in Taiwan, and the LaLaport business in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, and cities in Taiwan. In addition, the Group has been pushing ahead with the housing business in Singapore, Thailand, China, and cities in other Asian countries. The Group has also been conducting the hotel business in Taipei, the logistics facilities business near Bangkok, and the office buildings business in Bangalore. In these and other ways, the Group has been actively pursuing business in fast-growing Asia with the view of capturing growing consumer spending and expanding profits at the earliest opportunity in conjunction with contributing to local communities. Going forward, the Group will continue aiming to expand its businesses further.

Mitsui Fudosan’s Business in Mainland China

Mitsui Fudosan established a representative office in Shanghai in 2005 and Mitsui Fudosan (Shanghai) Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. in 2009 to promote housing and commercial facility businesses in Shanghai and surrounding areas. We aim to further expand our businesses in mainland China, mainly in the cities where we are currently developing properties.


Wide area

Mid-range map

Mid-range map

Country/ Region Property Opening year Number of stores (approx.) Store floor space (approx.)
China Mitsui Shopping Park  LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao 2021 180 55,000m2
Lianhua Road Station Building Retail Facilities (tentative name) 2021(planned) 90 16,500m2
Taiwan MITSUI OUTLET PARK LINKOU [Phase 1] 2016 220 45,000m2
[Phase 2] 2024 (planned) 90 27,400m2
MITSUI OUTLET PARK TAICHUNG PORT [Phase 1] 2018 170 35,000m2
[Phase 2] 2022 50 8,000m2
Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport NANGANG(tentative name) 2022 (planned) 250 70,000m2
MITSUI OUTLET PARK TAINAN(tentative name) [Phase 1] 2022 (planned) 160 33,000m2
[Phase 2] 2025 (planned) 60 11,500m2
Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaportTAICHUNG(tentative name) 2022(planned) 270 68,000m2
Malaysia MITSUI OUTLET PARK KLIA SEPANG [Phase 1] 2015 130 24,000m2
[Phase 2] 2018 70 9,900m2
[Phase 3] 2021 (planned) 50 10,100m2
Mitsui Shopping Park  LaLaport Kuala Lumpur(tentative name) 2021 (planned) 400 82,600m2
Total 9 properties 2,190 496,000m2