Industry’s Largest Neighborhood Creation-Type Logistics Facility
with Total Floor Space of Approx. 7,534,700 ft2
Work Completed on
Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Funabashi III (MFLP Funabashi III)
and MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK

June 30, 2021
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Key Points of this Press Release

  • As the culmination of the MFLP Funabashi neighborhood creation-type logistics facility that Mitsui Fudosan has spent 8 years developing, work has been completed on MFLP Funabashi III, the third building on the site, and MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK, approx. 215,200 ft2 (approx. 20,000 m2) of green spaces open to the local community.
  • MFLP Funabashi III is equipped with the industry’s highest-level security, BCP and thorough measures against infectious diseases. We have set up a lounge and outdoor terrace with panoramic views of the city and provide tenants with a logistics facility that is safe, secure and comfortable.
    Toward achieving a carbon-free society, we have reduced the facility’s burden on the environment in such ways as installing a solar power system on the site and proactively utilizing a green energy supply service.
  • MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK has attracted the sports facility MITSUI FUDOSAN ICE PARK FUNABASHI. The facility will create liveliness in the area such as by jointly hosting events in collaboration with the nearby Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport TOKYO-BAY. The facility aims to coexist with the local community and environment, is a neighborhood creation-type logistics facility that lives up to Mitsui Fudosan’s mature with age and contributes to the SDGs.

Tokyo, Japan, June 30, 2021 — Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, hereby announces that it completed work today on MFLP Funabashi III located in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture. Tomorrow, July 1, work will be finished on MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK, large green spaces of approx. 215,200 ft2 (approx. 20,000 m2), completing Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Funabashi (MFLP Funabashi), a neighborhood creation-type logistics facility*1.

Mitsui Fudosan does not only resolve tenants’ logistics problems, it also contributes to achieving SDGs by implementing various initiatives in consideration of the environment.

MFLP Funabashi III (background), MFLP Funabashi &GATE (foreground)

  • 1 A neighborhood creation-type logistics facility refers to a multi-use base development centered on a logistics facility, coexisting harmoniously with the local community and aiming to enliven the surrounding area. MFLP Funabashi contains facilities available to community residents such as nursery care facilities, sports facilities (ice rink, etc.) and green spaces. Events held in collaboration with the local community are also planned.
    In MFLP Funabashi, we define bringing liveliness to the entire neighborhood through such events as developing MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK to be used by local community residents, attracting MITSUI FUDOSAN ICE PARK FUNABASHI and collaborating to host events with the adjacent Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport TOKYO-BAY, which is also operated by Mitsui Fudosan.

■ Features of MFLP Funabashi III

With 8 above ground floors and approx. 2,906,200 ft2 (approx. 270, 000 m2) of floor space putting it among the industry’s largest, MFLP Funabashi III is a cutting-edge, large-scale logistics facility equipped with high-performance facility specs. Many new initiatives are also being carried out from an environmental aspect to achieve RE100 and SDGs.

Feature 1: Among the industry’s largest facilities and top-level facility specs

MFLP Funabashi III has secured expansive floor space (site area: approx. 632,900 ft2 (approx. 58,800 m2); total floor space: approx. 2,906,200 ft2 (approx. 270,000 m2)) and is among the industry’s largest facilities with each floor holding a warehouse and truck berth of approx. 2,906,200 ft2 (approx. 270,000 m2).

Office ceilings on all floors are approx. 11.8 ft (approx. 3.6 m) high, creating open office environments with views of green spaces. All warehouses are equipped with air conditioning, creating comfortable work environments. Truck berths on all floors are compatible with 45 ft container carriers, the international standard, and we have established the industry’s top-level facility specs including BCP measures such as a seismic isolation structure and a 72-hour emergency power supply, truck gates employing a vehicle number authentication system, entry and exit control using flapper gates and a facial recognition system, and a security plan on par with office buildings.

Office with a high ceiling

Truck berth supporting 45 ft container carrier

Vehicle number authentication truck gates

Entry and exit control (flapper gates)

Facial recognition system

Feature 2: Provision of comfortable, safe and secure work environments with well-equipped common areas and cutting-edge measures against infectious diseases

Common areas provide a comfortable workplace for those working at the facility that includes an outdoor terrace with a panoramic view of the city and lounge. In the lounge, in addition to a rental meeting room, we have provided a private garden exclusively for tenants in one area of MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK and a common space where it will be possible to host events such as barbecues and golf. For measures against the spread of infectious diseases, we have taken rigorous steps such as adopting contactless elevators and a system for displaying which toilets are in use on each floor.

Outdoor terrace


Rental meeting room (lounge)


Private garden

Contactless elevators

Feature 3: Environmental initiatives toward realization of a carbon-free society

MFLP Funabashi III is aiming to use 100% green energy in common areas through such means as installing private-use solar power generation equipment (installed capacity: approx. 1,000 kW; power generation capacity: approx. 1 million kWh per annum) on the rooftop. Then, in tenanted areas, we will provide companies with flexible options that meet their needs through a green energy supply service*2 in response to each of their greening plans as we resolve tenants’ RE100 and ESG issues and support promotion of the SDGs.

In addition to having obtained CASBEE*3 Rank S certification and BELS*4 5 star ratings, the highest evaluations in Japan, each floor in the warehouse employs LED lighting with motion sensors and dimming functions, which achieve a significant reduction in energy use and thoroughly address the environment.

  • 2 This service for tenants and joint business owners at office buildings, etc. owned or leased by Mitsui Fudosan utilizes the Company’s various power greening mechanisms to provide electricity used at office buildings, etc. that is effectively renewable energy by using non-fossil fuel energy certificates. Compliant with international standards such as RE100, this renewable energy service features flexibility regarding timing of introduction, ratio of green power, etc. to suit the management plans and incremental greening plans of each tenant and joint project owner.
  • 3 The Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation’s assessment certification system. The system seeks to comprehensively evaluate the quality of buildings in terms of the environmental consideration that went into the energy efficiency and ecology of the building materials and equipment, and the interior comfort and exterior appearance of the building.
  • 4 A public system to assess and certify energy-saving functions. The system involves third-party assessment of buildings, regardless of whether they are new or existing, using various measures and assesses their energy-saving functions. Ratings for energy-saving functions are presented in five tiers.

■ End of Work on MFLP Funabashi III Completes Mitsui Fudosan’s Neighborhood Creation-Type Logistics Facility

Mitsui Fudosan started its logistics business in the Funabashi area in 2013 and has spent eight years developing it. The recent completion of MFLP Funabashi III and MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK finishes the neighborhood creation-type logistics facility MFLP Funabashi with total floor space of approx. 7,534,700 ft2 (approx. 700,000 m2).

MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK which will be available for use by local community residents, attracted MITSUI FUDOSAN ICE PARK FUNABASHI, which has already opened in December 2020, and will continue to create liveliness for the entire neighborhood and strive to coexist with the local community in such ways as collaborating to host events in the future with the adjacent Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport TOKYO-BAY, also operated by Mitsui Fudosan.

Through these initiatives, we seek neighborhood creation that matures with age, bringing liveliness to the southern Funabashi area and increasing the appeal of the town over time. We will implement various initiatives from the perspective of ESG and SDGs to realize a sustainable society.

Neighborhood creation-type logistics facility MFLP Funabashi with total floor space

MFLP Funabashi I
(completed October 2016)

MFLP Funabashi Ⅱ
(completed October 2019)

MFLP Funabashi Ⅲ
(completed June 2021)


MFLP Funabashi &GATE
(completed October 2019)

MFLP Funabashi ▪ &PARK
(completed July 2021)

■ Facility Overview

Name Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Funabashi III (MFLP Funabashi III)
Location 2-4-7 Hamacho, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture
Site area Approx. 633,500 ft2 (58,857 m2)
Total floor area Approx. 2,917,500 ft2 (271,051 m2)
Size and structure 8 floors above ground, steel-reinforced concrete structure, seismic isolation structure
Architect/Builder Obayashi Corporation
Construction September 2, 2019
Completion June 30, 2021

■ Mitsui Fudosan Group's contribution to SDGs
The Mitsui Fudosan Group aims for a society that enriches both people and the planet under the principles of coexist in harmony with society, link diverse values and achieve a sustainable society, and advances business with an awareness of the environment (E), society (S) and governance (G), thus promoting ESG management. By further accelerating its ESG management, the Group will realize Society 5.0, which the Japanese government has been advocating, and contribute significantly to achieving the SDGs.

*The initiatives covered in this press release are contributing to five of the UN’s SDGs.

Goal 3 Good Health and Wellbeing
Goal 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
Goal 9 Industry, Innovation, Infrastructure
Goal 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

Reference: Mitsui Fudosan’s Logistics Business

Mitsui Fudosan launched the Logistics Properties Department (currently, Logistics Properties Business Division) in April 2012, marking the start of its full-fledged engagement in logistics facility development. With Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park (MFLP) as its flagship brand, Mitsui Fudosan is currently developing and operating 46 logistics facilities in Japan, including MFLP Funabashi I and MFLP Ibaraki, and plans to continue proactively opening new facilities. Mitsui Fudosan has embraced “Connecting Values Together with Customers” and “Creating New Values Together with Customers” as its business statements. The Company intends to continue taking on the challenge of creating value not bound by existing frameworks by connecting diverse people, goods and concepts as a partner that solves issues for all tenant companies.
Including MFLP Funabashi III, facilities developed and operated by Mitsui Fudosan’s logistics properties business total 46 properties, including 33 facilities in operation and 12 under development in Japan and 1 overseas.

Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Business Statement

"Connecting Values Together with Customers and Creating New Values Together with Customers"
As a partner in developing solutions for our tenants, we connect a wide variety of people,
goods and ideas, tackling the challenge of creating value beyond conventional boundaries.
We contribute to making modern life and society more fulfilling for everyone.