AEA2021: October 27th to 28th
30 Tech Startups from 13 Asian Countries & Regions to Compete for the AEA 2021 Innovation Award
Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus to be a keynote speaker

September 8, 2021
Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee

(Chiba, September 8, 2021) The Asian Entrepreneurship Award Steering Committee announced today that it will hold the Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2021 event (AEA 2021) from October 27th to 28th. Now in their tenth year, the Asian Entrepreneurship Awards recognize and reward innovation among young entrepreneurs and tech startups across Asia.

The AEA 2021 will bring together 30 selected startups from across Asia providing solutions in the areas of healthcare, work & lifestyle reform, and sustainability, all of which have become key issues globally. During the event, the startups will deliver business presentations showcasing their services and products, with the winners being selected on the basis of a wide range of criteria. These will include innovativeness, the social and economic impact of their products and services, their commercial viability, the potential for collaboration with Japanese companies, and the opportunity for business expansion in Japan. The entire event will be held online.

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Over 200 tech startups from 14 countries & regions across Asia have showcased their solutions at AEA since 2012

Since its launch in 2012, AEA has provided a stage for promising entrepreneurs and startups from rapidly growing countries and regions in Asia on which they can showcase business ideas and technologies aimed at addressing social issues. To date, a total of 217 tech startups from 14 countries and regions across Asia have participated in AEA events. All entrants were nominated by key notable institutions such as the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the University of Tokyo, as well as by incubators, accelerators, universities and other institutions supporting start-up companies in their respective countries and regions.

AEA2021 to offer 1.5 months of mentoring sessions and access to an online community to accelerate startups’ entry to the Japan market

The AEA2021 event will feature several new initiatives that will further accelerate collaboration between Japanese companies and participating startups. This year, to boost the chances of the  startups of entering the Japanese market, they will receive mentoring for 1.5 months aimed at brushing up their business plans for the Japan market. This is expected to help entrants acquire a better understanding of the market and facilitate their collaboration with prospective Japanese partners.

Last year’s AEA2020, the first AEA to be held fully online, resulted in a total of 51 matching opportunities and 31 meetings between startup entrants and participating Japanese companies. Aiming to promote even greater collaboration this year, AEA2021 will provide additional business-matching sessions providing opportunities for deeper discussions; communities and gatherings that will allow startups to expand their networks will also be hosted. Startups participating in previous AEA events took advantage of these opportunities to accelerate their business development, with some of them successfully achieving IPO or entering into M&A discussions.

AEA2021 will also enhance the online networking and community-building opportunities it offers to participants using the chat tool “Slack”, enabling a new online community consisting of more than 200 startups that have participated in previous AEA events as well as Japanese companies, sponsors, and overseas nominators. This will provide opportunities for ongoing business collaboration between Japanese companies and startups after the event, including the opportunity for direct communication, the chance to build relationships with overseas nominators, and to disseminate information about Japanese companies’ own efforts in support of startups.

Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus to share his vision of social businesses

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of AEA, this year’s event will feature a special keynote speech by Dr. Muhammad Yunus, who will share his vision of social businesses—businesses established to address specific social or environmental problems—and next-generation leadership. Dr. Yunus is a Bangladeshi social entrepreneur who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 in recognition of his founding of the Grameen Bank, which pioneered the concepts of microcredits and microfinance with the aim of alleviating poverty and promoting peace. Dr. Yunus was also awarded the Olympic Laurel for his work at Yunus Sports Hub, the global social business network creating solutions in and through sport.

Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City to host the event and serve as a launchpad for the startups’ entry to the Japan market

The Kashiwa-no-ha area is promoting an urban development model based on the three themes of “ environmental coexistence,” “health and longevity”, and “creation of new industries.” In 2019, Kashiwa-no-ha launched an initiative aimed at accelerating the creation of new industries whereby the entire city serves as a platform for companies and organizations to conduct trials and demonstrations. In the past, start-ups that participated in AEA events have used Kashiwa-no-ha as the launching pad for their entry to the Japan market, running demonstrations of their solutions there with some of them subsequently securing commercial production of these. Japanese companies in turn use Kashi-no-ha as a demonstration facility when seeking collaboration with startups.

■AEA2021 Overview

Date Wednesday October 27th to Thursday October 28th, 2021
Method Online
Language English
Official website (English) (Japanese)

■ Program

DAY 1: October 27th

13:00-14:00: Organizer greetings / orientation

14:00-17:00: Semi-final session

DAY 2: October 28th

13:00-16:00: Announcement of the finalists / final session

16:00-18:30: AEA 10th Anniversary special program

18:30-19:00: Announcement of final results

AEA2021 Entrants   Please see here for details:

# Country and Region Company Summary
1BangladeshGhost Kitchen BangladeshAn online restaurant platform which connects customers, restaurants, delivery partners, etc.
2CambodiaPeth Yoeung Healthtech A cloud-based hospital management software platform providing secure storage of medical records and patient data.
3ChinaAirGuard Industries (HK) LimitedA Clean Air-as-a-Service utilizing a plant-based, non-toxic and entirely bio-degradable solution which ensures interior air quality.
4ChinaShenzhen Bixuange Technology Co. , Ltd. IoT monitoring equipment and a unique model simulating high winds on a city-wide scale.
5IndiaCartosense Pvt LtdA navigation system that tracks the precise movement of surgeons’ instruments during operations and provides real-time feedback about the current position and trajectory of an instrument, against a background of the patient’s MRI/CT images, with accuracy to the millimeter level.
6IndiaDimensionless Technologies Pvt. Ltd.AI solutions allowing much faster and more efficient X-ray scanning and identification of counterfeiting or fraud in the e-commerce supply chain.
7IndiaImmunoadoptive Cell Therapy (ImmunoACT) Private LimitedA therapy using indigenously invented Nobel Humanized CAR T, which has the potential to cure various types of cancers.
8IndiaKarmasthal Healthtech Private LimitedAn IOT-based solution providing care for the elderly and real-time reporting.
9IndiaPlutomen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. AR-based remote assistance solutions improving the productivity of frontline workers.
10IndiaSparcolife Digital Healthcare Technologies Private LimitedA digital health platform addressing behavioral and mental health issues of the patients going through the fertility care treatment.
11IndiaSynerSense Pvt. Ltd. Wearable sensors capturing body motions combined with a portable gait analysis system for use in the field of healthcare and sport, among others.
12JapanLIFEFORM AIAn IoT platform featuring a "LifeChair" IOT-enabled cushion aimed at promoting healthier habits at workplaces and at home.
13JapanOnikle Inc.A preprint document-search platform with AI recommendations to help scientists discover the best research papers.
14JapanRedArrow Therapeutics Inc.A solution generating prodrug-like proteins with optimal pharmacokinetics, biodistribution and targeted activation at disease sites.
15MalaysiaIHANDAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS SDN BHD A solution providing electrification and decarbonization, with high temperature natural refrigerant heat pumps using CO2, NH3 and R290.
16New ZealandTectonus LimitedSeismic dampers with a self-centering capability that re-center structures during earthquakes and aftershocks.
17PhilippinesNANOTRONICSProvides nanotechnology materials sourced from highly renewable indigenous plants for use in various industrial applications.
18RussiaSintez LLCSoftware platform providing instruction in sports such as tennis and golf utilizing AI and AR technology.
19SingaporeAI Communis Pte. LtdSaaS solution that simplifies post-editing work such as caption creation and subtitle insertion for video content creators using automatic speech recognition technology.
20SingaporeAmpotech Pte LtdPower usage monitoring solution for facilities such as office buildings using IOT- and AI-enabled software.
21SingaporeCraft Health Pte Ltd3D printing solution for Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) specializing in dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals that can be used for personalized medicine, etc.
22SingaporeWiduz Pte LtdNew building material derived from regenerated & sustainable bamboo fiber suitable for the construction of modular prefabricated buildings.
23TaiwanDotSpace Biomedical Inc.Real-time wireless intra-abdominal hypertension monitoring system with capsule pressure sensors.
24TaiwanKURA Care Inc.AI tele-medicine solution specializing in the treatment of heart disease patients.
25TaiwanSmart Tag Inc.Flexible wireless IoT sensors for manufacturing line monitoring which can be mounted on the surface of devices in production lines.
26Taiwanucfunnel Co., Ltd.AI-powered end-to-end automated solutions that cover the entire platform-based technology space, including Trading Desk, Smart Media on CTV, visual search app, and the EC recommendation engine.
27ThailandADVANCED GREENFARMProvision of Wolffia plants and nutritious superfoods incorporating high levels of protein, essential minerals and vitamins.
28ThailandArcadian Eco Co., Ltd. Wastewater treatment system using micro-nano bubbles and a special oxidase that promotes chemical reactions without using chemicals.
29ThailandMore Foods Innotech Co., Ltd.Healthy vegetarian meat with lower sugar and salt level than existing products.
30VietnamBiomass LabUtilization of bacterial cellulose, which can be collected by hydrolyzing paper sludge and has properties such as biodegradability, high durability, and non-toxicity.

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