History of Toyosu

The History of Toyosu, a Neighborhood That Has Greatly Transformed With the Times

The Toyosu area is reclaimed land and its advantages as a hub for water transportation led to the development of a variety of industries.
Up until the 1980's, the area developed as an industrial zone but then the plants and factories began to move away. Redevelopment started soon after and it has evolved into a sophisticated urban neighborhood.

Edo Period

In 1590, Koto Ward was still marshland and sea, with a few sand banks and small islands dotted about. The process of reclaiming land from the sea started in the early Edo period and following the Great Fire of Meireki in 1657, it was developed into an urban neighborhood.

Meiji and Taisho Periods

Industry began to develop, taking advantage of the water transportation routes offered by the Sumidagawa River and canals. Part of the reclaimed island of Etchujima, which includes the areas known in modern times as Toyo, Kiba, Shiohama, and Furuishiba, was completed.

Showa Period

Land reclamation continued and by 1937, the area which is now Toyosu 1-Chome to 5-Chome had taken shape. In 1939, the Ishikawajima Shipyard was completed.
After the Second World War, the area also supported Japan's rapid economic growth as an energy hub.

Photo credit: Tokyo Port Promotion Association

Jul. 1992

Construction of the Toyosu ON Building completed

Oct. 1992

Construction of the Toyosu Center Building completed

Sep. 2004

Construction of NBF Toyosu Canal Front completed

Mar. 2006

Opening of the Toyosu 2- and 3-Chome area

Aug. 2006

Construction of the Toyosu Centre Building Annex completed

Oct. 2006

Mitsui Shopping Park Urban Dock LaLaport TOYOSU opens

Sep. 2007

Construction of NBF Toyosu Garden Front completed

Feb. 2008

Construction of URBAN DOCK PARK CITY TOYOSU completed

Mar. 2008

Construction of PARK AXIS TOYOSU completed

Feb. 2009

Construction of THE TOYOSU TOWER completed

Oct. 2013

Construction of PARK TOWER TOYOSU completed

Sep. 2014

Construction of SKYZ TOWER & GARDEN completed

Nov. 2015

Construction of PARK AXIS TOYOSU CANAL completed

Jul. 2016

Construction of BAYZ TOWER & GARDEN completed

Nov. 2016

Construction of Park Homes Toyosu The Residence completed

May 2017

WORKSTYLING Toyosu opens

Jun. 2017


Feb. 2019

Construction of PARK TOWER HARUMI completed

Jan. 2020

Edomae Jokamachi opens

※Continue its operations after February, 2023 by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Apr. 2020

Grand opening of Toyosu Bayside Cross Tower