Life Science Innovation Department

Mitsui Fudosan's Life Science Innovation Department

As part of our new industry creation efforts, we are building an ecosystem that leverages the mutual knowledge, technology, and capital of start-ups, universities, hospitals, major pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders in the life science domain to advance research and development that transcends industry boundaries.

We are supporting the creation of innovation in the life science domain through an approach centered on three concepts-community building, which involves working through LINK-J to realize exchange, collaboration, and the nurturing and supporting of businesses in life science fields, site development, which involves providing rental laboratories and offices and developing the Life Science Building series in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo and the Doshomachi area of Osaka, and capital provision, which involves supporting life science start-ups through limited partnership investment.

Life Science Innovation Promotion Project Life Science Innovation Promotion Project

Community Building

  • Life Science Innovation Network Japan

    LINK-J is a platform for people and information to interact for those working in the life science field. This is a project of interaction and cooperation, where people congregate and connect, and of foster and support, where people grow and broaden, providing a variety of opportunities while aiming for the creation of a hitherto unseen new life science industry.

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Developing Sites

Mitsui Fudosan provides various spaces that can be used as places for interactions, including the Nihonbashi Life Science Building, where there are numerous life science-related players, meeting rooms and offices. Moreover, the Company has developed shared wet labs and has been commissioned to operate part of the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Lab, advancing development of sites to create innovation.

Life Science assets

Life Science Building

Nihonbashi Life Science Building series

Mitsui Fudosan established a life science base in Nihonbashi; set up venture offices, service offices, conference rooms, lounges and shared wet labs; and gathered players from the life science domain, centering on venture companies.

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Commissioned to Operate Part of the University of Tokyo Entrepreneur Lab

Mitsui Fudosan is utilizing the expertise it has acquired through the Life Science Innovation Promotion Project to support building university ecosystems and is also collaborating with universities, as well as with Nihonbashi.

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Rental Lab & Office (Mitsui Lab & Office)


A rental business that combines full-scale wet labs with offices needed to create innovation in the life science domain. By collaborating with LINK-J to provide both tangibles and intangibles, Mitsui Fudosan aims to create innovation by contributing to the resolution of R&D environment issues in Japan’s life science domain.

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Providing Capital

Mitsui Fudosan makes limited partner investments in investment funds targeting companies in the life science field.
Providing support depending on the stage of progress and brokering enables more sophisticated technological seeds to materialize and further accelerates promoting new industry creation.

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