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Mitsui Fudosan's Retail Properties Division

Under the concept of "Growing Together," we seek to realize a new form of retail property that is rooted in the local community and that grows together with our customers. We operate a wide range of retail properties that meet the needs of communities all over Japan.

1) Inspiration
We think about the customers who come to visit us and continue to create inspiring experiences full of dreams of a new era
2) Evolution
We are always working with store operators to improve the appeal of our retail properties so that they will continue to attract customers
3) Community
We are proud of all of the staff associated with our properties, and sincerely nurture neighborhoods alongside our retail properties

CONTACTTo store owners interested in operating at a Mitsui Fudosan retail property

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We advance our retail properties business based on the concept of "Growing Together," with the aim of providing facilities that go beyond just the sale of products by providing an enriching time.

Mitsui Fudosan Growing Togethre Mitsui Fudosan Growing Togethre

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