Chugoku Branch


Chugoku Branch Office
Address Nakamachi Mitsui Building 5F, 9-12, Nakamachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-city, Hiroshima 730-0037
Established August, 1969
Nearest Stations 5 minutes walk from Fukuromachi Station on the Hiroshima Electric Railway

Featured Project

The Hiroshima Train Vert Building is situated in a distinctive part of Hiroshima where the city's key functions are located. It is also directly connected to the underground shopping district of Kamiyacho Shareo and the Hiroshima Bus Center, making it one of the most accessible places in Hiroshima Prefecture. Each floor features a column-free space with a floor area of about 1,250 square meters, enabling it to provide tenants with comfortable office space that has a real sense of openness.

Hiroshima Train Vert Building Hiroshima Train Vert Building

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