Improving the Quality of Urban Development


The Mitsui Fudosan Group works diligently to ensure the quality management of its buildings as well as every other facet of its business operations, including products and services, as the foundation for providing safety, security, and comfort to its customers.

We are convinced that the delivery of quality-based security, safety, and comfort is a prerequisite for realizing customer satisfaction (CS).

Quality Management in Each Business

Each business draws up its own design guidelines, manuals, etc. on quality management and puts them into practice to ensure quality is managed thoroughly. The guidelines, manuals, etc. are also reviewed and revised as needed to reflect customer feedback, problems that have taken place, etc. Reviews of safety-related matters are carried out from time to time and following a disaster.

Principal Guidelines, etc. of Each Business Area

Office Buildings Business
  • Office Building Design Manual (including BCP design manuals)
    Provides direction for planning and design by organizing and combining know-how on product planning and operational management.
  • Office Building Business Standard Operation Flowchart
  • Office Building Sign Planning Guidelines
  • Office Building Backyard Standards
  • Various Construction Quality Management Forms
  • CO2 Reduction Measure Explanation Sheet
Retail Properties Business
  • Retail Properties Design Request Form
    Provides direction for planning and design by organizing and combining know-how on product planning and operational management.
  • LaLaport Sign Planning Guidelines
  • Tenant Interior Design Manual
  • Design Criteria
Built-for-Sale Condominium Business
  • Total Quality Project Management (TQPM)
Built-for-Sale Detached Residence Business
  • Detached Housing Design Standards
    Unique design standards based on the Building Standards Act, the Japan Housing Finance Agency standards, and our abundant experience and achievements, to provide high-quality housing.
Rental Housing Business
  • PAX-M
    A quality management manual, compiled in fiscal 2007 and revised in March 2013, is still being used.
Custom-Built Detached Residence Business
  • Design Standards
  • Product Specifications
Hotel Business
  • TQPM Manual: Hotel Version
    Manual concerning the design and construction of Mitsui Garden Hotels.
Logistics Business
  • Logistics Facilities Design Request Form
  • Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Parks Sign Planning Guidelines
  • Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Parks Facility Design Guidelines

Condominium Quality Management Process: Total Quality Project Management (TQPM)

Having the seller's responsibility to hand over the condominiums promised to its customers by the dates promised, Mitsui Fudosan Residential utilizes the TQPM System, its proprietary quality management system, to fulfill that responsibility. The system serves to confirm whether design and construction management have been undertaken in accordance with the respective roles of the designer, supervisor and builder.

Mitsui Fudosan works to ensure a consistent level of quality management at all Mitsui built-for-sale condominiums. Under the TQPM System, there is compliance with design and construction standards and a design gate management process at the design stage as well as the witnessing of Key Quality Items (KQIs) and document verification at the construction stage.

Performance Evaluations by Evaluation Bodies

With the exception of certain properties, Housing Performance Indication System evaluation reports are obtained at both the design and construction stages for built-for-sale condominiums from a third party organization registered with Japan's Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as an objective evaluation of quality management.

In addition, the custom-built detached residences of Mitsui Home Co., Ltd. are also constructed to perform to the high standards of the Housing Performance Indication System.