Main tenant at COREDO Muromachi Terrace opening September 27, 2019
Decision Made on the Development Outline for eslite spectrum nihonbashi, Japan’s First Store for the Taiwan Brand
A New Hub for Creative, Diverse Culture is Arriving in Nihonbashi

May 16, 2019
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
The eslite spectrum Corporation
Yurindo Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, The eslite spectrum Corporation, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and Yurindo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, announced today that they have finalized the basic details of the eslite spectrum nihonbashi store that will occupy the second floor of the COREDO Muromachi Terrace retail facility scheduled to open on Friday, September 27, 2019.

Press Release Summary

  1. Eslite spectrum nihonbashi, the first store in Japan for this major Taiwan chain, will be established under the concept of “a cultural wonderland for living and reading.”
  2. The store will be designed by leading Taiwanese architect Kris Yao.
  3. The floor will consist of four zones: eslite bookstore (bookstore zone), stationery zone, select merchandise and workshop zone, and restaurant and food market zone.
  4. The literature-oriented bookstore zone offers eslite’s unique reading culture
  5. pproximately 50 Taiwanese brands will be available, including five making their debut in Japan, along with a selection of sophisticated merchandise, food products, and workshops from Japan and other countries.
  • The eslite spectrum is a major Taiwanese hub for culture and information that began as a bookstore based on the concept of “Books, and Everything in Between” and has developed with a focus on creating a place where reading and cultural exchange can flourish. It has been chosen as one of the 14 “coolest department stores in the world” and “the best bookstore in Asia” (*1), and eslite spectrum nihonbashi will be the chain’s first store in Japan. Based on the concept of a “a cultural wonderland for living and reading,” the Nihonbashi location will draw on the unique sensibility of the eslite spectrum to organize and present culture passed down amid the history and lives of the district to become a platform for communicating creative, highly diverse culture and information.
  • The space will be designed by leading Taiwanese architect Kris Yao, founder of KRIS YAO |ARTECH, and will express the history and culture of Nihonbashi through the aesthetic sensibility of the eslite spectrum based on the concepts of “the intersection of past and present” and “the fusion of old and new.”
  • The space will be comprised of four zones: eslite bookstore (bookstore zone), stationery zone, select merchandise and workshop zone, and restaurant and food market zone. Along with eslite’s unique selection of books, plans call for products from close to 100 brands. Around 50 Taiwanese brands, including five with their first stores in Japan, and sophisticated merchandise, food products and workshops from Japan and other countries around the world will breathe new life into the Nihonbashi area.
  • Experiential events, the signature feature of the eslite spectrum, will be held regularly with a rich variety of content, from talks by cultural figures to music events, art exhibitions and cooking demonstrations.
  • Store operations will be handled by Yurindo Co., Ltd., which manages culture-oriented properties like HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET (in Tokyo Midtown within Hibiya) that go beyond the bookstore category.
  • 1 Eslite spectrum songyan store was named by the U.S. media network CNN in 2016 as one of the 14 “coolest department stores in the world.” Eslite’s bookstore in Dunnan was selected by the Asia edition of Time magazine in 2004 as “the best bookstore in Asia.”

Concept image of the eslite bookstore (bookstore zone)

Concept image of Cooking Studio

Concept image of Glass Workshop

Concept for eslite spectrum nihonbashi

The eslite spectrum is a Taiwan-based retail chain with a philosophy of linking culture and creativity based on a concept of “Books, and Everything in Between.”

As an urban culture creator, it works to create stores that draw on local characteristics and culture and that respect the spirit of those cities and interactions among people. The chain already has 49 stores in several countries and regions, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Suzhou and Shenzhen, and each store has its own theme that incorporates its city’s culture and characteristics. The stores’ uniqueness has earned critical acclaim; eslite spectrum songyan store was named by the U.S. news network CNN in 2016 as one of the 14 “coolest department stores in the world,” and eslite bookstore dunnan store was selected by the Asia edition of Time magazine in 2004 as “the best bookstore in Asia.”

The eslite spectrum is taking its first step into Japan in Nihonbashi, a center of culture and commerce since the Edo period.

Along with closely adhering to the chain’s original principles, eslite spectrum nihonbashi will also draw on the eslite spectrum’s unique sensibility in order to organize and present culture passed down through Nihonbashi’s history and the lives of the people who have lived there. Playing the role of bridge connecting people with people, people with culture, and people with the environment, the store will be comprised of four zones on the theme of “a culture wonderland for living and reading” with a view to being a platform for communicating creative, highly diverse culture and information.

Spatial design of eslite spectrum nihonbashi

Leading Taiwanese architect Kris Yao designed the space. Yao has also designed eslite bookstore dunnan store and eslite spectrum suzhou, the first eslite spectrum store in China. eslite spectrum nihonbashi is Yao’s third collaboration with the chain.
Yao’s design of eslite spectrum nihonbashi is inspired by the history and culture of Nihonbashi and expresses “the intersection of past and present” and “the fusion of old and new.” The space interprets characteristics of traditional Japanese architecture through the aesthetic sensibility of the eslite spectrum.

Kris Yao

Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1951. Graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Tunghai University in 1975 and a Master of Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley in 1978. Founder of KRIS YAO | ARTECH. He primarily works in Greater China.
Kris Yao’s architecture uses appropriate, innovative methods in line with land characteristics to create outstanding designs that fuse nature and culture. His works span a broad range of sectors and include office buildings, retail facilities, hotels, music halls, theaters, museums, train stations, educational facilities, housing, religious institutions, and urban planning.

Major Works Water-Moon Monastery (Taiwan), Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum - Asian Arts and Culture Museum (Taiwan), Lanyang Museum (Taiwan), Wuzhen Theater (China), eslite spectrum suzhou (China)
Major Awards The 11th National Awards for Arts in Taiwan (most prestigious arts award in Taiwan) for architecture (2007), Honorary Fellowship from the American Institute of Architects (2014)
Major Exhibitions Venice Biennale International Architectural Exhibition (2002, 2008, 2014), Rotterdam International Architectural Biennial (2003)

Kris Yao KRIS YAO | ARTECH / Photographer: Tim Liu

eslite bookstore Dunnan store in Taipei

Wuzhen Theater in Zhejiang Province, China
© Wuzhen Tourism Development Co

Zones at eslite spectrum nihonbashi

Eslite spectrum nihonbashi is comprised of four zones: eslite bookstore (bookstore zone), stationery zone, select merchandise and workshop zone, and restaurant and food market zone. (Total store area of approximately 30,957 ft2 (approx. 2,876 m2))

(1) eslite (bookstore zone)

Since its establishment in 1989, eslite bookstore has created a reading culture from a unique perspective. eslite spectrum nihonbashi will have retail space that fully leverages the expertise of eslite bookstore, which is highly rated as a bookstore globally. The selection of books will be skillfully chosen by eslite bookstore and will center on Japanese titles, while there are also plans to stock foreign-language books, including Chinese titles, coordinated with special exhibits and displays. As for genres, the selection will pivot on literature and include a rich variety of art, design, business, travel and cooking books. An approximately 30-meter “literature corridor” in the space facing Chuo-dori avenue in particular will feature famous works of literature from around the world. There will be seating in front of the windows to allow customers to enjoy reading in a pleasant environment with natural light.
The plan also calls for special displays of “eslite recommends” (*2) selected by a team of experts that will be set up in the same manner as Taiwan stores to shine a spotlight on great books by time period, genre and author regardless of fame, and propose new reading-related insights from a unique perspective that differs from typical best seller rankings.
The store will also have the “forum” event space for new book releases, talks, film showings and other events.

  • 2 “eslite recommends” is a project of eslite’s expert book selection team started in 1990. Eight to ten books are selected from various genres across time periods, from classic works to lesser known contemporary treasures, and presented as eslite’s monthly recommendations.

Concept image of the eslite bookstore (bookstore zone)

The “forum” at eslite spectrum songyan store in Taipei

(2) Stationery zone

Leveraging the chain’s experience in introducing over 1,000 stationery brands from around the world to Taiwanese customers, eslite spectrum nihonbashi will also have a unique stationery zone. Starting with original stationery from eslite spectrum, the zone will have items that are perfect for home offices. There will be art supplies and paper products that are easy for novices to use as well, and other well-designed stationery products selected from the world’s stationery brands to help vividly accent people’s lives. Regular exhibitions and workshops related to stationery are also planned. A major stationery exhibition entitled “Ideal Stationery Fair” was held in Taiwan in 2017 and featured the display and sale of over 10,000 types of stationery products, including around 100 types of limited-edition products, along with workshops held by popular illustrators. The appeal of stationery will also be presented in Japan from a number of different angles.

The “Ideal Stationery Fair” exhibition held in Taiwan

Original eslite spectrum notebooks

(3) Select merchandise and workshop zone

The merchandise and workshop zone, which fuses traditional craft and contemporary design as selected by eslite spectrum, will feature sophisticated merchandise and food products selected from Japan, Taiwan and other parts of the world and will also host a variety of workshops.

Eslite spectrum expo, an incubation project that has discovered and supported many new design brands in Taiwan, will also be held at eslite spectrum nihonbashi. The project will select and highlight products, primarily from among Japanese and Taiwanese brands, and facilitate cultural exchange between Japan and Taiwan.

Eslite spectrum nihonbashi will also have DAYLILY, a popular lifestyle brand in Taiwan centering on Chinese medicinal herbs, YUAN, an herbal care brand, P. Seven Tea Perfume, a brand of perfumes made from Taiwanese tea, and Kuo Yuan Ye, a long-established chain of pastry stores with an over 150-year history. The lineup of tenants will provide customers with a tangible feel for Taiwanese culture.

Eslite spectrum nihonbashi will also host diverse workshops where visitors can experience and make genuine crafts; the hands-on glassblowing workshop held at the eslite spectrum songyan store will be recreated at eslite spectrum nihonbashi. Other stores like Nijiyura, L&Co., Creema STORE, meta mate and Kobajukkaten will offer products that draw on Japanese technologies and its spirit of craftsmanship and will run workshops on decorative dyeing, accessory design, metalworking and more.

eslite spectrum expo
(eslite x platform original)
Glassblowing workshop
This incubation project discovers and supports new design brands. Beautiful handicrafts and products will be selected based on themes each season and pivoting on cutting-edge Japanese and Taiwanese brands to propose to customers the latest in design.

The glassblowing workshop held at eslite spectrum songyan store in Taiwan will be recreated at eslite spectrum nihonbashi with the cooperation of Tokyo Glass Art Institute, whose graduates include numerous glassblowing artisans.

First in Japan
(Herbal cosmetics)
First in Japan
Kuo Yuan Ye
(Taiwanese sweets)
First in Japan
P. Seven Tea Perfume
women centered on Chinese medicinal herbs created by two women, one Taiwanese, whose father runs a medicinal herb dispensary, and one Japanese. The brand will bring Taiwan’s culture of Chinese herbs rooted in everyday life to Japan.

This long-established brand of Chinese pastries has been in business since the Qing dynasty. In addition to standard products like pineapple cake, the store offers modern pastries as well made in collaboration with various designers.

With a focus on fine Made in Taiwan ingredients, this perfume brand is the first to create perfumes from Taiwanese tea. The brand’s message is “Taiwan in a bottle,” and this will be its first store in Japan.

First in Kanto
(Natural cosmetics)
First at a retail facility
meta mate
(Metal gifts and workshops)
First at a retail facility
(“Factory” apparel and merchandise)
A popular, Taiwan-based herbal care brand, YUAN’s products use organically grown Chinese medicinal herbs and other herbs and come in a broad lineup that includes skincare, body care and hair care.

This gift shop and workshop “delivers warm feelings through metal.” It selects and sells metal products from Japan and beyond, including original products, and holds daily workshops to convey the appeal of metal.

This store rigorously selects and compiles the best “factory” brands in Japan and will communicate the story of their creation, the history of their production sites, the characteristics of their materials, and the thoughts of their craftspeople from Nihonbashi.

New business format
(Hand towels and workshops)
New business format
(Jewelry and workshops)
New business format
Creema STORE
(Handmade merchandise)
This popular hand-towel brand honors the culture of Osaka’s chusen dyeing techniques. The Nihonbashi store will also have workshop space where regular workshops will be held.

This store with workshop space is produced by a long-established jewelry maker from Yamanashi Prefecture, and allows people to experience the jewelry-making process with experienced craftspeople.

This concept store introduces the works of approximately 40 popular creators from Creema, a handmade marketplace, on a rotating basis.

(4) Restaurant and food market zone

This zone will have Fujin Tree, a popular restaurant in Taipei for Taiwanese cuisine, and Wang De Chuan tea salon, a long-established Taiwanese teahouse with over 150 years of history, the first locations for both in Japan, as well as Sarutahiko Coffee, the first in the Nihonbashi area, and THE ALLEY, a tea stand based in Taiwan. Customers can enjoy food and drinks as they read in a bright space along a terrace facing a covered plaza.
The food market zone, “eslite spectrum market,” is a collaboration with FOOD & COMPANY, a popular grocery store. The zone will feature an ensemble of traditional food ingredients and kitchen merchandise consistent with contemporary food culture and centering on Japan and Taiwan while also respecting seasonal variations. The adjacent COOKING STUDIO is scheduled to regularly hold cooking demonstrations that will introduce global food cultures, starting with Japan and Taiwan, along with food workshops.

First in Japan
Fujin Tree
(Taiwanese cuisine)
First in Japan
Wang De Chuan
(Taiwanese tea salon)
This is the first Japanese location of a Taiwanese restaurant produced by a popular fashion and lifestyle brand on Fujin Street, a fashionable area of Taipei.
Customers can enjoy creative Taiwanese cuisine, which elegantly accents fresh ingredients with homemade seasonings and dry fruit along with champagne from an extensive list.

Wang De Chuan, a long-established Taiwanese tea salon founded in 1862, is opening its first location in Japan, where it will deliver fine Taiwanese oolong tea produced with leaves from a dedicated tea farm.
Customers can enjoy Taiwanese tea brewed by tea masters and special oolong tea-based drinks on an eat-in or take-out basis. It also plans to hold classes to provide participants with the direct experience of the authentic world of Taiwanese tea.

(tea stand)
Sarutahiko Coffee
eslite spectrum market COOKING STUDIO
An authentic tea stand being developed globally, centering on Taiwan and Asia, this is its first Nihonbashi location.

A specialty coffee shop that has collaborated with eslite spectrum in Taiwan and is now joining with the chain for the first time in Japan.

This store will sell fine foods and kitchen merchandise and also hold food workshops with chefs and culinary researchers.

A scene from the COOKING STUDIO at eslite xinyi store in Taipei


A major focus of eslite spectrum is proposing new forms of culture through experiential events, and it holds over 5,000 total workshops each year at its 49 stores. Events are broad-ranging and include talks by cultural figures, music events, art exhibitions, craft workshops and cooking demonstrations with chefs.
A series of special events is also scheduled to be held in connection with the opening of eslite spectrum nihonbashi.

Examples of events held at eslite spectrum in the past

Handmade necktie workshop

“Jimmy Liao 20th Anniversary Career Retrospective: Exhibition of Original Drawings,” 2018

Lecture by Taiwanese writer Kenneth Hsien-yung Pai at eslite spectrum

An exhibition commemorating the 100th birthday of Japanese illustrator Chihiro Iwasaki, 2018 “I Dreamed a Dream” selections by Taiwanese author Chang Hsi

“mt Exhibition in Taipei,” 2014

Cai Guo-Qiang: Hanging out in the Museum, 2009

Business scheme for eslite spectrum nihonbashi

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. and The eslite spectrum Corporation established The eslite spectrum MF Co., Ltd., a joint venture that owns the business license for the eslite spectrum in Japan.
Eslite spectrum nihonbashi will be managed by Yurindo Co., Ltd., the licensee, which operates culture-oriented properties like HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET (in Tokyo Midtown within Hibiya) that go beyond the bookstore category.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has brought innumerable overseas brands to the retail complexes it manages, but this is the company’s first instance of joint investment in the license-holding company.

About the eslite spectrum

The eslite spectrum (Official company name: The eslite spectrum Corporation) works to create stores that leverage local characteristics and cultures and honor interactions between people in their local cities based on the concept of “Books, and Everything in Between.” Originating in Taiwan, the chain has 49 stores in a number of countries and regions, including Hong Kong, Suzhou and Shenzhen.

The company manages not only bookstores, but also a gallery, a performance hall, a movie theater, wine cellars and various other culture and content venues and is also involved in restaurants and the hotel business. Eslite spectrum has earned strong accolades overseas as well, with one of its stores being selected as one of the 14 “coolest department stores in the world.” eslite spectrum nihonbashi will be the first eslite spectrum in Japan.

eslite xinyi store

eslite spectrum suzhou

The eslite spectrum Chronology

Year Event
1989 Robert Wu founds eslite. The first store, eslite bookstore Dunnan, opens in Taipei.
1999 24-hour operating model commenced, and eslite bookstore Dunnan becomes the world’s first “sleepless bookstore.”
2004 Eslite bookstore Dunnan is selected by Time magazine’s Asia edition as the “best bookstore in Asia.”
2006 Eslite spectrum xinyi opens as the chain’s major flagship store in Taiwan.
2010 The eslite spectrum Corporation established.
2013 Eslite spectrum songyan opens, the chain’s first general culture and content complex operated in coordination with a performance hall and a movie theater
2015 Eslite Hotel opens, as the chain develops its business across industries. Eslite spectrum suzhou opens. eslite bookstore Dunnan named “coolest bookstore in Asia” for two years running (2014 and 2015) by CNN of the U.S.
2016 Eslite spectrum songyan selected as one of the “14 coolest department stores in the world,” the only brand with a Chinese founder to receive the honor, by CNN of the U.S.
2018 Eslite spectrum nanxi and elite spectrum shenzhen, the chain’s second store in mainland China, open.

About Yurindo

Founded in 1909, Yurindo carries out a wide range of business activities, including selling books, stationery and other products related to culture and education, marketing to government agencies, schools, hospitals and corporations, administering music classes and culture centers, operating libraries and community centers under the designated administrator system, and conducting publishing operations.
The chain has 56 stores in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Chiba. Its name comes from a Confucian saying that translates as “Virtue is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.”
In March 2018 it opened HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET, a complex with a bar-restaurant, barber shop, clothing stores and more, in Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, as it continues to engage in new initiatives.

Store from the early Taisho period (1912-1926)
(Same location as current flagship store in Yokohama’s Isezakicho)

Bookstore area and marketplace (upper) and Riyo Hibiya barber shop (lower) inside HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET

List of tenant brands

List of tenant brands(PDF:108KB)