Largest Regional Shopping Center in the Central Area of Aichi Prefecture
Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport AICHI TOGO to Open on September 14 (Monday)
A Total of 201 Diverse Stores to Open, Including Fine Dining, Entertainment, and Stores for Families
with Young Children, with 36 Stores Opening in Aichi Prefecture for the First Time

July 10, 2020
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Japan, July 10, 2020—Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, announced today that it will open Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport AICHI TOGO (operated by Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.), a large retail property in Togo Town, Aichi District, Aichi Prefecture, on September 14, 2020 (Monday).

This project is part of the Togo Central District Land Readjustment Project established by Togo Town, Aichi District, Aichi Prefecture, and will create a bustling area with commercial facilities that contribute to the development of the entire town. The project facility is in an outstanding location with access in all directions from north to south and east to west due to its proximity to national route 153 and prefectural road 57, which are main public roads.

The facility will feature 201 stores in total, including 36 stores opening in Aichi Prefecture for the first time. In the food and restaurant area, a large market area brings together stores selling fresh fish, meat, and produce, as well as packaged foods, along with restaurants. The facility is also complete with one of the largest food courts in the Aichi Prefecture Chubu area, with seating for approximately 1,150 diners. The facility also provides a wide range of enjoyment, with stores including popular Japanese and overseas fashion brands and select shops, one of the largest Alpen Outdoors FLAGSHIP STORE outlets in the Tokai area, and VS PARK, a facility providing a new sense of entertainment. Furthermore, the Hagukumu Zone offers children the opportunity to learn new things and try new experiences while affording their parents some free time as well. By providing a full complement of services for families with young children, the facility creates a unique, relaxing family time.

In addition, the Company is also taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, aiming to create an environment where customers visiting the facility can shop with peace of mind.

*Aichi Prefecture Chubu area: Togo Town, Toyota City, Miyoshi City, Chiryu City, Kariya City, Takahama City, Hekinan City, Anjo City, Nishio City, Kota Town, Gamagori City, Toyokawa City, Toyohashi City, and Tahara City

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Facility Concept: Advancing Together—Town, People, and Lifestyle

We will provide this town with encounters, discoveries, surprises, and excitement, aiming to create a location that brings a host of connections and links to various daily living scenarios.
This town and this facility will grow together with the local community.

Birds-eye-view of LaLaport AICHI TOGO

Features of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport AICHI TOGO

1. A collection of diverse brands closely aligned to the local area and the needs of customers

  1. A market area and large-scale food court that bring together food retail and restaurants
    • Popular local stores and new format stores come together with stores generating excitement with their first openings in Aichi Prefecture in a full-fledged giant food zone, Marche & Restaurant Ichi

      Marche & Restaurant Ichi
    • Food Court Motenashi, one of the largest food courts in the Aichi Prefecture Chubu area, with approximately 1,150 seats

      Food Court Motenashi
    • A wide range of takeout food is also available with outdoor spaces suitable for dining
  2. Highly attuned fashion and large-scale sports and outdoor stores
    • A large number of overseas brands and select shops under one roof propose an elegant daily life
    • Supersize formats, Alpen Outdoors FLAGSHIP STORE and SPORTS DEPO are among the largest in the Tokai area, with a strong line up of sports and outdoor products
  3. Area-leading entertainment outlets offer all-day fun for people of all ages
    • A host of entertainment outlets offer fun for all ages, including the new sports entertainment outlet, VS PARK that uses digital technology and the Moff Animal Café, where customers can encounter various animals
  4. A great lineup of stores for daily use that people want to visit every day
    • The facility has a cluster of stores to support daily living, such as HEIWADO, LOFT, NITORI EXPRESS, DAISO, EDION, Bic Style, and Akachan Honpo

2. Full-fledged event plaza and shared space

  1. TOGO Park with lawn and playground

    TOGO Park
    • A large, roofed event plaza, Leaf Roof, for holding outdoor events and a playground area for children
    • Symbolic Hagukumi Tree and Big Togo photo spot feature at the center
    • A certified daycare center for looking after children temporarily while their parent shop or work
      * The number of children that can use the facility at one time is limited.
  2. The Hagukumu Zone where families can enjoy quality time together
    • In the Hagukumu Zone on the third floor is a collection of stores and services for families
    • Plan for events organized by local mothers to be held on the Hagukumu Stage in the event space
    • A full range of educational classes, including English class, music class, and abacus class
  3. LaLa Studio and Public Viewing Space are provided inside Food Court Motenashi
    • LaLa Studio available for hosting various events such as private parties with friends
    • Provision of Public Viewing Space for customers to enjoy watching sports games and other events
  4. One of the largest LaLaport atriums, Main Square

    Main Square
    • A mesh-shaped glass ceiling and skylight present a large space with a sense of openness
    • Also available for use as an event space

3. Various initiatives to improve community links and convenience

  1. LivR TOGO Town Service Desk (first in LaLaport) provides a community space for Togo Town, completed with a library and local government service functions

    LivR TOGO Town Service Desk
    • The Togo Town satellite library, LivR TOGO Town Service Desk, offers pick up and return services for reserved library books, as well as local government services such as issuance of certificates of residence that have been ordered beforehand
  2. Events run in collaboration with Togo Town
    • An exhibition at the facility gallery of photographs of the beautiful natural scenery of Togo Town submitted by the public in response to a public call for entries when the facility opened
    • Various events held in partnership with Togo Town, such as seasonal and other events throughout the year
  3. Collaboration with Kinjo Gakuin University and Tokai Gakuen University
    • Collaboration with universities through student proposals for sales promotion ideas and holding events by interest circles and other groups
  4. Trial test of self-driving bus (first in LaLaport)

    Self-driving bus
    • Plan to hold a trial test of a self-driving bus service departing and arriving at LaLaport AICHI TOGO bus terminal
  5. Onsite mobility available with shopping carts for elderly customers and indoor mobility carts for parents and children (first in LaLaport)
    • Provision of indoor mobility devices for elderly customers and customers with young children, who find long periods of walking difficult
    • Available for carrying large items or moving around the store
  6. Installation of next-generation type coin operated lockers for use while shopping (first in LaLaport)
    • Installation of coin lockers with smartphone reservation and cashless payment systems to support customers purchasing many items or large items

4.Creation of a comfortable work environment

  1. Employee lounges on each floor

    Employee lounges
    • Well-equipped environment for breaks including counter seats with divider screens and raised tatami-floored seating area convenient for napping
    • Break rooms on each floor to reduce time moving within the facility. Enables employees to make the most of limited break time
  2. Support for hiring of tenant store employees. Securing of employees using MESHWell and Timee
    • Use of the specialized fashion-industry sales staff matching service MESHWell, enabling flexible addition of fashion sales staff on an hourly basis to support more efficient store operations
    • Use of the gap part-time work support app Timee, creating an environment where people can work in a place for the first time, even a short period, alleviating staff shortages
  3. Support for employee recruitment for tenant stores, holding of combined hiring interview events and explanation briefings
  4. Employee car parking lot for those commuting by car
    • Approximately 1,000 employee car parking spaces provided to support commuting by car with peace of mind

Overview of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport AICHI TOGO

Location Togo Central District Land Readjustment Project, Aichi District, Aichi Prefecture
Site area Approx. 957,988 ft2 (approx. 89,000 m2)
Structure Commercial
facilities building

Multistory parking buildings
Steel structure, four floors above ground
(Commercial facilities: 1st –3rd floors; Parking space: 4th – rooftop floors)

One steel structure, four floors above ground
One steel structure, five floors above ground
Two steel structures, six floors above ground
Total floor area Commercial facility: Approx. 1,129,134 ft2 (approx. 104,900 m2) Multistory parking buildings: Approx. 867,571 ft2 (approx. 80,600 m2)
Store floor area Approx. 687,813 ft2 (approx. 63,900 m2)
Number of stores 201
Number of parking spaces Approx. 3,900
Access Approx. 2.2 km from Nisshin Station on the Meitetsu Toyota Line
Operating Hours Stores and services 10:00–21:00 Food court: 11:00–21:00 Restaurants: 11:00–22:00
Environmental design STUDIO TAKU SHIMIZU INC.
Sign design Yashima Design Office Co., Ltd.
Design Takenaka Corporation
Construction Building roof, outer construction: Takenaka Corporation Multistory parking building construction: Watahan Solutions Co., Ltd.
Operation and management Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd.

Aerial photo of Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport AICHI TOGO