Statement Vision Mission


The Mitsui Fudosan Group aims to bring affluence and comfort to urban living.

What we want to be


Seeking to link diverse values, coexist in harmony with society and achieve a sustainable society, as symbolized by the Mitsui Fudosan “” logo, we will work to foster social and economic development as well as global environmental preservation. Under“&EARTH”, we will aim for a society that enriches both people and the planet.

2.Evolution and value creation

By bringing knowledge and experience together in diverse ways, we seek to advance the real estate business and create new value, both at home and abroad, proactively responding to global changes in social environments and market structures.

3.A profitable and growing Mitsui Fudosan Group

We seek to create a profitable and growing Mitsui Fudosan Group, acting honestly and fairly to realize the capabilities of the entire organization.

What is expected of us

1.Provide business and lifestyle-related solutions and services

Maximize urban value creation by providing secure, safe and attractive urban spaces and soft services that bring enrichment and comfort to urban living.

Provide variable and innovative solutions that stimulate the real estate investment market.

2.Work in partnership with customers from a global perspective

Treat customers as the business foundation on which to progress and develop the Company.

Propose and provide products and services by deploying the collaborative strength of the Group with a multidisciplinary approach that meets the real needs of customers.

Work in partnership with customers to raise brand value by continuously providing services that are highly valued by them.

3.Raise our corporate value

Raise corporate value through sustainable profit growth and continual innovation.

Optimize the allocation and use of available resources and pursue efficient operations.

Conduct operations while closely monitoring and managing business risks.

4.Create strong corporate group by building the capabilities of individuals

Seek to maintain a creative and pioneering spirit by integrating various skills and values.

Cultivate and institutionalize the professional capabilities of individuals to raise our creative ability for value-added products and services.

Maintain high awareness of ethical, disciplinary, and compliance issues, and act accordingly.