Human Resources Management


Under its Group Statement, Mitsui Fudosan aims to bring affluence and comfort to urban living. Moreover, since its founding, Mitsui Fudosan has inherited and nurtured a progressive spirit together with a free and open corporate culture, and used these as a driver for providing diverse, innovative solutions and services in connection with business and living.

We see our people as an asset and the most important drivers in creating new value as a real estate developer.

The basic approach to human resource management at Mitsui Fudosan is to treat each employee as an individual and create a stage on which they can sharpen their professional knowledge and abilities, increase their ability to create added-value, and transform team performance through the integration of diverse values and skills.

Mitsui Fudosan aims to be a business and lifestyle solutions partner. In order to do so, Mitsui Fudosan is targeting the development of a diverse group of employees, who are able to make full use of their individual attributes, with both specialized and advanced business knowledge, and a broader perspective.

In order to achieve this goal, we have adopted a basic policy on personnel development that broadens the capabilities of each individual by combining four opportunities for personnel development in accordance with the person's career.

Four Development Opportunities

Management System

Personnel Development System/Basic Policy and Four Development Opportunities

(1) OJT

We provide On the Job Training through work on-site as the basis for personnel development

Through specific jobs in the workplace and communication between employees, we develop the capabilities necessary for job performance in a planned, continuous fashion.

(2) Interviews with employees

We emphasize face-to-face communication with each individual

As part of our system, we provide employees with numerous opportunities to consult/discuss their career and capability development with the Personnel Department or their department manager. Every year, the Personnel Department conducts individual interviews with each employee, and ascertains information on their problems, development environment, work situation, worries, and other issues. In this way we develop and support capabilities in accordance with the hopes and vision of each employee.

(3) Job rotation

We develop professionals with a wide range of specialties.

We conduct job rotation every few years. Our aim is to develop employees and an organization which can adapt to an ever-changing environment, and this is achieved by further deepening the experience and knowledge of each employee through work experience in multiple areas, while bolstering expertise through focus on work the employee is in charge of.

(4) Training programs

We have systematic training programs for improving diverse capabilities of employees

We have systematic, diverse training programs, in areas ranging from basic abilities as a working adult to specialized skills and sharing of management awareness, in accordance with the respective role and capabilities of each employee, their personal progress in capability growth, and other factors.

Examples of Training/Education for Employees' Personal Development

Training programs that involve the sharing of management awareness and corporate culture MEET21 Training, Cross Expert Training
Broadening/growth of capabilities and perspectives Long-term temporary assignment training outside the company, Cross Expert Training, training to develop people, MEET21 Training, assistance to pass the Information Technology Passport Examination
Improving work execution capability and specialization Registered real estate broker training, financial accounting training, various types of distance learning courses
Broadening basic abilities as global personnel Overseas trainee programs (English-speaking countries, Chinese-speaking countries), overseas management training, global training for young and midlevel employees
Fostering the mindset needed as a working adult Compliance training, human rights awareness training, CSR training, harassment training
Deepening understanding as a member of an organization New employee training, new employee development instructor training, follow-up training in 1st and 2nd years after joining company, diversity management training for newly appointed executives
Track record for fiscal 2018

Development of Global Personnel

Rapid growth in our overseas business is a key element of our management strategy, and the market in Japan is becoming more and more globalized We are therefore working to enhance overseas assignment training and language programs to develop human resources who can act on the global stage.

Training programs

Assignment for Overseas Language Training (Global Training for Young and Mid-Level Employees)

To build language skills, the ability to cope with different cultures, and overseas connections, we assign young employees (as a rule, all employees) and mid-level employees to overseas training for periods of 2-8 weeks.

Trainee System

We have an overseas trainee system for internships and language training in Europe, the USA, and Asia, for periods of 6 months to one year. Different employees are assigned to this program every year.

Compliance Training

Compliance training covering issues such as preventing corruption is held regularly at overseas locations for employees of local subsidiaries and local staff.

Overseas Language Training
Overseas Language Training
Trainee System
Trainee System

Time Spent Developing Employee Abilities

Total time Mitsui Fudosan spent on capability development training and training time per employee in fiscal 2018 was as follows.

Training Time for Capability Development (track record for fiscal 2018)

  • Total time for capability development training: 24,036 hours
  • Training time per employee: 16.9 hours

Environmental Training and Education

As a part of its environmental efforts, Mitsui Fudosan and Group companies train and educate their employees about the environment while also providing eco tours (tours of environmentally advanced facilities, etc.) and other activities to increase their interest in the environment.

Environmental Training and Education

Each year, Mitsui Fudosan conducts afforestation training for employees at forests owned by the Group in Hokkaido. We also continue to carry out forest conservation work in collaboration with the staff of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks at Mitsui Fudosan &EARTH FOREST TOKYO, a forest for water resource conservation in Tokyo.

Group companies are also carrying out their own environmental training and education. Mitsui Fudosan Facilities provides environmental training as part of new employee training, and Mitsui Fudosan Residential Lease and Tokyo Midtown Management provides environmental education.

Afforestation training (Mitsui Fudosan)
Afforestation training (Mitsui Fudosan)
Afforestation training (Mitsui Fudosan)
Eco Tour (Mitsui Fudosan Facilities)
Eco Tour (Mitsui Fudosan Facilities)
Eco Tour (Mitsui Fudosan Facilities)

Environmental Education Activities

Type of Training Number of Participants
(fiscal year)
Mitsui Fudosan Afforestation training 24(2018)
Forest conservation work at a Tokyo Metropolitan forest for water resource conservation 4(2018)
Eco Tours(Tour of waste treatment facility) 20(2018)
Shimokawa Town SDGs Training 13(2018)
Mitsui Fudosan Facilities Environmental training in new employee training 183(2017)
Environmental training through e-learning 1,362(2017)
Eco Tours(Tour of waste treatment facility) 33(2017)
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Lease Three types of posters that outline details and examples of the Company's environmental initiatives are display.
・Introduction to smart leasing properties
・Details of the Company's unique social and environmental contribution activities
・The merits of LED lighting and cost simulations
Tokyo Midtown Management Bird watching event for employees and tenant staff 17(2017)

Eco Test

Mitsui Fudosan and Group companies encourage employees to take the Certification Test for Environmental Specialists (Eco Test) administered by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mitsui Fudosan Facilities and Tokyo Midtown Management have made the Eco Test a required certification.

In addition, Mitsui Fudosan, Mitsui Fudosan Facilities and Mitsui Fudosan Residential Lease are identified as companies that promote the Eco Test on the Eco Test information site of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Cumulative total of employees who have taken and passed the Eco Test (As of the end of fiscal 2018)
Company name Positioning of Eco Test Total number of employees who have passed the test Pass ratio
Mitsui Fudosan Recommended 381 Approx. 21.4% of all employees
Mitsui Fudosan Facilities Required 1,439 Approx. 92.5% of full-time and fixed-term employees, excluding junior employees
Mitsui Fudosan Building Management Recommended 290 Approx. 28.0% of all employees
Mitsui Fudosan Architectural Engineering Recommended 37 Approx. 30.0% of all employees, excluding dispatched employees
Mitsui Fudosan Residential Lease Recommended 73 Approx. 10.0% of all employees
Tokyo Midtown Management Required 62 Approx. 70.5% of all employees