Diverse Workstyles

Initiative Policy to Introduce Diverse Workstyles

The & logo adopted by the Group as a management philosophy represents the principles of coexisting in harmony with society, linking diverse values, and achieving a sustainable society. The Company takes workstyle reform as a key initiative, and is building an organization that allows personnel with diverse values, skills, and lifestyles to fully realize their individual capabilities. This will enable us to respond to dramatically changing social needs and create new value. In addition, Mitsui Fudosan is improving work efficiency in all business divisions, thereby reducing employee working hours, and promoting an optimal balance between life and work. We believe appropriate work-life balance ensures a more fulfilling private life for employees, and is very effective for encouraging self-improvement and balancing work with child or family care. As a result, a workplace environment is established enabling diverse employees to fully realize their individual abilities, and this helps us create superior value and achieve sustained growth for our Group.

Diverse Workstyles

Major Initiatives

Our Efforts to Support Work-Life Balance

Reforming Awareness
  • Foster awareness by sharing it continually through messages from top management
  • Utilize internal publicity magazines and online newsletters to educate and share expertise
  • Set leave uptake targets (14 days each year) and recommend days for employees to take leave
  • Implement health and safety training for organizational heads
  • Include efficiency as a factor in employee performance evaluations
Infrastructure Improvements
  • Remote work system (no time limits, can work in shared office or at home) for all employees
  • Utilize the WORKSTYLING shared offices provided by the Company
  • Utilize a computer-usage time control system
  • Superflex-time system with no core time
  • Multiple WORKSTYLING satellite offices (approx. 150 sites) made available to all employees
  • Return Entry System (system for re-employment after resignation)
  • Refreshment Leave (5-10 days, and commemorative prizes in recognition of a certain number of years worked)
  • Cafeteria Plan (a benefit program that can be used by selecting from a variety of options such as self-development or leisure/travel)
  • Family Day (a Company event with family participation to help deepen ties between employees and their families)
Family Day
Family Day
Work Reform in Organizational Units
  • D&I Promotion Office supports each department's initiatives
  • Each department establishes customized workstyles and promotes work efficiency improvements
  • IT utilization to support enhancements to productivity

Our Efforts to Support Childcare

  • In-office nurseries
    Employees, both male and female, can use in-office nurseries to support diverse workstyles. They can also use them as a spot to drop off kids temporarily
  • Subsidy system for babysitting, after-school childcare, and housework help expenses
    Employee can receive help toward part of expenses needed for babysitting, childcare, after-school activities, and housework services
  • Childcare leave
    Childcare leave that can be used for up to three years, longer than the legally mandated period
  • Childcare leave at birth (male employees)
  • Childcare leave system (for both male and female employees)
  • Spouse maternity leave
  • Flex-time system for reduced working hours during childcare
  • Childbirth and childcare interview system and training when returning to work after taking childcare leave
    Individuals returning to work have an interview with their boss and the Personnel Department. Such individuals, and their bosses, also undergo training as part of their return to work
Kurumin Certification

To support work balance for employees involved in childcare, we go beyond legally mandated programs, and provide programs such as in-office nurseries, childcare leave longer than the legally mandated period, and subsidies for the costs of raising children. In these and other ways, we are working to put in place an environment where it is easier to work, and employees can more fully realize their capabilities with peace of mind.


Our Efforts to Support Family Care

To support work-life balance of employees engaged in family care, we are developing an environment that includes a remote work system and a system for subsidizing the costs of family care. In addition, our Care Design Department, which supports lifestyles in later life, collaborates with the Personnel Department to hold Care Seminars for employees and their families, and offer care consulting courtesy of a qualified specialist in family care. Employees can also take care leave of up to a year in parts, which is longer than the statutory requirement.