Health and Productivity Management and
Occupational Health and Safety


The Company regards the health and safety of its employees as an important management issue that is essential for diverse members of the workforce to realize their full potential, to continue to improve the Company's competitiveness and to achieve sustained growth. We are working actively to maintain and promote employee health while striving to establish a workplace environment where employees can work energetically in accordance with their respective lifestyles.

We consider the safety and health of all stakeholders, not just employees, and everyone else connected to our business, and pursue better working environments and health and safety awareness.

Health and Productivity Management Declaration
  • Our progressive spirit and attitude of flexibly tackling tough challenges forms the basis for our approach of supporting individual employees' efforts to create new value from the sidelines via health and productivity management, and we will tie that in to the Company's sustainable growth.
  • We will actively invest in our employees' physical and mental well-being, and promote the creation of workplaces where diverse personnel are excited to work.
  • Through urban development, we will work to maintain and promote health in the region and in wider society. Equally, we will use health and productivity to resolve the issues that society is facing, to contribute to a healthier, richer future.
Procurement Standards to Ensure the Health and Safety of Employees and Outside Suppliers
(excerpt from the Group's Sustainable Procurement Standards)
3. Respect for Human Rights Related to Labor

Companies shall respect the human rights of workers, in line with international human rights standards, including the core labor standards established by the International Labour Organization (ILO), while also complying with relevant laws and regulations.

3.1 Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

In compliance with local laws and regulations, companies shall respect the rights of employees to organize and bargain collectively as a means of participating in labor-management negotiations on working environment and wage conditions.

3.2 Prohibition of forced labor

Companies shall not use forced labor obtained through coercion, bondage, inhumane prison labor, slavery, human trafficking, or other such means. In addition, companies shall not force employees to work against their will and shall protect the right of employees to leave or terminate their employment of their own accord.

3.3 Prohibition of child labor and consideration for young workers

Companies shall not allow children under the minimum working age to work. In addition, companies shall not allow young workers under the age of 18 to engage in hazardous work that may jeopardize their health and safety, such as night shifts and overtime work.

3.4 Prohibition of discrimination in employment

Companies shall not engage in any form of unfair discrimination, including unfair discriminatory treatments based on grounds such as race, nationality, ethnicity, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, beliefs, disability, marital status, pregnancy, political affiliation, or union membership, in any employment practice, including wages, promotion, compensation, and retirement.

3.5 Prohibition of abuse and harassment

Companies shall respect the human rights of workers and shall not subject workers to inhumane treatment, including psychological or physical abuse, coercion, harassment, or any other potentially inhumane acts.

3.6 Adequate wages and allowances

Companies shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding compensation paid to employees (including minimum wages, overtime pay, and legally mandated allowances and deductions) and social security.

Furthermore, companies shall strive to pay wages at a level that allows workers to support their basic needs (a living wage).

3.7 Appropriate working hours, holidays, and leave

Companies shall not allow workers to work in excess of the maximum working hours set by local laws and regulations, shall appropriately manage working hours and days off in consideration of internationally recognized standards, and shall grant annual paid leave in compliance with local laws and regulations.

4. Safe and Healthy Working Environment

In addition to complying with the relevant laws and regulations, companies shall also pay due attention to domestic and international guidelines on worker safety and health, and make efforts to provide a safe and healthy working environment that minimizes work-related injuries and physical and mental illness.

4.1 Management of employee health

Companies shall provide appropriate health management for all employees.

4.2 Occupational health and safety

Companies shall identify and assess risks to occupational safety and ensure safety through appropriate design, engineering and administrative controls.

Companies shall also identify and assess the risk of worker exposure to biological, chemical, and physical hazards in the workplace, and implement appropriate management.

4.3 Consideration for physically demanding work

Companies shall identify and evaluate physically demanding work and implement appropriate management to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses.

4.4 Safety measures for machinery and equipment

Companies shall evaluate the machinery and equipment used by workers in their work for safety risks and implement appropriate safeguarding measures.

4.5 Healthy, safe facilities

Companies shall ensure that the facilities provided for workers' lives (dormitories, cafeterias, toilets, rest areas, etc.) support adequate health and safety.

In addition, dormitories shall have appropriate emergency exits for emergencies.

4.6 Response in the event of occupational accidents or diseases

Companies shall record and report occupational accidents and diseases, and take appropriate measures and corrective actions.

4.7 Promotion of communication

Companies shall provide education and training on the appropriate health and safety information for the various occupational hazards that workers may be exposed to on the job, in the workers' native language or in a language and manners that workers can understand.

In addition, companies shall operate a system for workers to provide feedback on safety-related issues.

For details on the Group's Sustainable Procurement Standards, see Policy under Supply Chain Management.
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Management System

The Company is making progress with efforts relating to employee health and safety, which are overseen by the Director in Charge of Personnel.

We regularly report to management regarding employee health issues or matters such as working hours, create proposals for how to make improvements and, through discussions with health insurance associations, we check and analyze employees' health issues and periodically hold consultations concerning improvement measures.

We have established a specialized organization responsible for maintaining and promoting employee health: the Health Management Center. We are also working to achieve goals such as improving the rate at which employees undergo periodic health or stress checkups. Our other efforts include annual individual interviews between Personnel Department staff and all employees, and the setting up of a Health Consultation Service where employees can discuss health issues freely. In partnership with the Personnel Department, industrial physicians, public health nurses, and licensed psychologists, we are striving to improve the working environment and the physical and mental health of employees.

In meetings with our labor unions, we exchange and coordinate views based on a shared understanding that employee health and safety are important issues.

Board of Director Oversight

Activities relating to employee health and safety, and occurrences of accidents or occupational injuries, are reported to the Board of Directors by the Director in Charge of Personnel, who is also responsible for management and oversight.

Goals and Progress

The Company has set health checkup, screening rate, and other goals to help maintain employee health, and we are steadily expanding efforts to improve results.

Major Initiatives

Based on our Procurement Standards to Ensure the Health and Safety of Employees and Outside Suppliers (the Group's Sustainable Procurement Standards), we are always working to improve working environments to ensure that both our employees and outside suppliers can work in safe environments conducive to good health.

Safer Workplaces

Specifically, Group employees regularly patrol the frontlines of new-build projects across the country to perform due diligence on and monitor health and safety. By anticipating any dangers and offering appropriate guidance and corrective action, we are helping to prevent workplace accidents and make safe workplaces a reality.

Any important issues picked up through these patrols are shared with Group employees and outside suppliers at in-house Safety Conference. Further, any work-related accidents involving our employees or outside suppliers are recorded as quantitative indicators. In the event of a work-related accident or a highly dangerous incident, we thoroughly investigate the cause, communicate the relevant information and offer guidance to prevent recurrence, and strive to ensure even higher levels of safety.

Employee Health Promotion

In addition to carrying out yearly health checkups, we also offer thorough health screening for all employees over 35 and their spouses, gynecological exams for female employees and the spouses of male employees, and leave to undergo thorough health screening. As a solution that contributes to the advancement of health management at companies, we conduct health promotion events, seminars, and step count challenges, as well as distribute articles via a mobile app, as part of the &well service offered by the Company.

Stress Check

Through stress check tests by MS&AD InterRisk Research & Consulting, Inc., an outside specialist organization, the Company periodically monitors the mental health of employees, linking these results with efforts to realize improvements.

  • In addition to carrying out yearly health checkups, we also offer thorough health screening for all employees over 35 and their spouses, gynecological exams for female employees and the spouses of male employees, and leave to undergo thorough health screening.
  • We are also working to ascertain employees' working situation, and physical and mental health status, through annual personal interviews between Personnel Department staff and all employees, as well as through stress checks, interviews with an industrial physician for overworked employees, and other programs.
  • To help employees recover from fatigue and maintain physical/psychological balance, we have established Refre, a facility where a massage specialist is always on duty and they can refresh themselves with a massage or a nap.
Refreshment Room
Refreshment Room
Refre reception desk
Refre reception desk

Health & Productivity Stock Constituent/Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization

In recognition of these initiatives to maintain and improve employee health, we were selected as a 2023 Health & Productivity Stock Constituent, a program in which Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) jointly select companies that excel in health and productivity management practices. Among the listed companies on the TSE, enterprises deemed exceptional in terms of health and productivity management are selected as Health & Productivity Stock Constituents, with one enterprise generally selected per industry. For seven consecutive years, we have also been certified under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (White 500, Large Enterprise Category), jointly administered by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management

Seminars on Health and Safety Standards

The Company provides training every year on health and safety for new employees and newly appointed executive managers.

For details on the number of attending employees, see Social-related Data on the ESG Data page.

Response to Infectious Diseases and Other Global Health Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on the lives of people around the world. The three major infectious diseases: HIV (AIDS), tuberculosis, and malaria, continue to be global health issues.

For workers who will be posted overseas to places such as India where infectious diseases are a societal issue, we provide support to counter these. This includes guidance on inoculation and provision of vaccinations before they go as part of our efforts to minimize the risk of infection. We also offer health management support while they are there and help them to have comprehensive medical check-ups on trips back to Japan. In these ways, we have put in place an environment that offer employees peace of mind so they can focus on their work. To ensure that living environments are sufficiently sanitary, we are offering workers and their families a great deal of support.