The Group strives to coexist and collaborate with local communities and build new communities in accordance with the distinctive characteristics of each area and other factors based on our philosophy of coexisting in harmony with society, linking diverse values, and achieving a sustainable society. Furthermore, we have put in place a Policy for Social Contribution Initiatives to ensure that each Group company and department follows a common and uniform direction. Based on this policy, each and every member of the Group looks to contribute to society in four core areas: the global environment, local communities, culture and education, and international exchange. In neighborhood creation that recognizes the maturity that comes with age-in which we are involved through our business-we will work in harmony with local communities to tie it in to create even greater social value.

The Mitsui Fudosan Group's Policy for Social Contribution Initiatives
(Formulated March 27, 2013)

In line with our Group Statement that focuses on efforts to bring affluence and comfort to urban living, we actively contribute to society by revitalizing and creating urban areas while engaging in various activities from a global perspective, to provide affluence and comfort with the aim of achieving the sustained development of society and the economy.

  1. We are primarily involved in four areas: the global environment, local communities, culture and education, and international exchange.
  2. We strive to achieve harmony with local communities, and
  3. We proactively make use of our own resources, including properties, networks, and personnel.

Management System

The ESG Management Committee under the ESG Promotion Committee, which is headed by the President and Chief Executive Officer, was established to promote social contributions throughout the Group. The ESG Management Committee formulates the principles and policies that define the social contribution activities of the Group. It also keeps up to date the social contribution targets, objectives and plans of each division and Group company while monitoring and evaluating progress toward targets and plans. The Social Contribution Activity Policy was created in March 2013 to serve as common ground for various activities to realize abundance and affluence in society from a global perspective.

Record of Social Contribution Activities

The Company actively supports a wide range of social contribution activities. Specifically, these include activities for culture and education, local communities, international exchange, and the global environment. We also promote a multitude of employee-led initiatives that support community creation.

Main areas of engagement, support and cooperation (excerpt)

Regional Revitalization and Community Creation

The Company plans and hosts a diverse range of events that promote community creation and regional revitalization. We also carry out activities that help to strengthen family ties, as well as hold various events that educate communities on future society and environmental issues.

Our Efforts in the Nihonbashi Area

Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival

Every year across March and April, Mitsui Fudosan holds the Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival in the Nihonbashi area. The event is highly regarded for its economic ripple effects, its ability to increase customers and non-residents to the region, its effectiveness in disseminating information overseas, and the techniques and creativity that will influence events held in the future.

Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival
Nihonbashi Cherry Blossom Festival
ECO EDO Nihonbashi

Every year between July and September, Mitsui Fudosan holds ECO EDO Nihonbashi, an event showcasing traditional ideas for staying cool, cultivated in Nihonbashi during the Edo period, but arranged in a modern style. The focal point is strolling through town rather than staying in one place, so visitors can experience the classic Japanese summer while maintaining social distance.

「ECO EDO 日本橋 2017」金魚大提灯 仲通りイメージ
ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2017, giant goldfish lanterns, scene on Naka Dori Street

Our Efforts in the Kashiwa-no-ha Area

Minna no Machizukuri Studio is a project that started in Kashiwanoha in December 2020. It was born as a platform for co-creation by companies, governments, and academic institutions centered on the residents who are the users of the town, to promote Kashiwa-no-ha Smart City, a town that creates a "future image of the world". We operate with several experimental methods to create new services, products, and projects from the perspective of consumers.

Our Efforts at Tokyo Midtown

In Tokyo Midtown (Minato-ku, Tokyo), we participate as volunteers in events organized by the Azabu District General Branch Office of the Minato Ward Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Government. These events are held as part of the Minna De Ecotto Project for fostering concern for nature and living things among children in the area.

Our Efforts at Commercial Facilities

In cooperation with local government, companies, NPOs, and other organizations, the Group holds an experiential learning event for children called “Let's Learn! Let's Play! Cool Choice Plaza” at its commercial facilities, where participants can learn about energy and environmental issues.

Let's Learn! Let's Play! Cool Choice Plaza
Let's Learn! Let's Play! Cool Choice Plaza

Supporting Community Creation through Sport

Real Estate Development Partner

We have been involved in a variety of real estate development projects that incorporate sports elements under the slogan, "BE THE CHANGE: Cities Start World Changes".

We are proud of the Japanese athletic team "TEAM JAPAN" for bringing dreams and inspiration to the people of Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and for connecting the bonds between the people of Japan. We will continue to support "TEAM JAPAN" in their challenge for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games through urban development. We will actively support local community building through the power of sports and the enjoyment of events.


This event is hosted in collaboration with the SOLTILO FAMILIA SOCCER SCHOOL-a project designed by professional soccer player Keisuke Honda-and has been held at LaLaport FUJIMI (Fujimi City, Saitama), Urban Dock LaLaport TOYOSU (Koto-ku, Tokyo), LaLaport EXPOCITY (Suita City, Osaka), and other Group commercial facilities since 2017. During the event, soccer gear no longer in use is collected and donated to children overseas through the NPO Japan Relief Clothing Center. Through their activities, the staff of SOLTILO also contribute to local communities by providing soccer instruction to children inside and outside Japan.

Soccer training held in Cambodia
Soccer training held in Cambodia

Social Contribution through Volunteer Activities

&EARTH Clothing Support Project-Bring a Smile to the World with Your Clothes

The Company and Mitsui Fudosan Retail Management Co., Ltd. hold the &EARTH Clothing Support Project-Bring a Smile to the World with Your Clothes project at commercial facilities run by the Mitsui Fudosan Group. Unneeded clothing is collected, and then donated to refugees and disaster victims in countries all over the world through the NPO Japan Relief Clothing Center.

Together with its customers in each region, the Group seeks to alleviate disparities and poverty and realize a more affluent society, and as such has held the &EARTH Clothing Support Project since 2008. Clothes that are collected, are donated to people in South America, Asia, Africa, and other areas through the Japan Relief Clothing Center, with the help of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and NGOs in various countries. Reusing clothes in this way is tied in to reducing environmental impact. The project was held in 20 commercial facilities in October and November of 2022. A total of 2,471 individuals donated 11,440 kg of clothing, raising 133,579 yen in the process.

For further details, see (Japanese version only)


Implementation of Pro Bono Program

Every year the Personnel Department conducts the Pro Bono Program for around 10 company employees. The program facilitates cross-sector learning where participants learn about workplaces other than their own through group work with individuals outside the real estate industry. This program expects participants to engage voluntarily with the activities which contribute to society, using their skills and expertise.

These employees were engaged with the activities in nine companies from a broad range of industries-such as tech, food, childcare, health, tourism, and traditional arts-from both rural Japan and overseas.

Held Happy Smile Festival

We regularly hold events organized by the NPO Group Happy Smile to sell products handmade by people with disabilities from various welfare facilities, with proceeds returned to the creators as wages. The Company and Mitsui Fudosan Building Management Co., Ltd. provide a venue gratis and participate as volunteers. Volunteers from tenant companies also participate, and everyone involved with the building works as a team to make a social contribution.

Happy Smile Festival venue
Happy Smile Festival venue

Participation as Volunteers in Kokoro Theater

In full support of its mission, Group employees participate as volunteers in the Kokoro Theater Project, an initiative organized by the Butai Geijutsu Center and the Shiki Theatre Company, held to enable children to enjoy the emotionally moving experience of theater.

A scene from the musical
A scene from the musical

Participation in Cleaning the Famous Nihonbashi Bridge

Every year in July, Company employees and their families voluntarily take part in activities to clean the famous Nihonbashi bridge, the starting point of the Five Routes of the Edo period and one of Japan's most renowned bridges.

The Meikyo Nihonbashi Preservation Council is an organization that aims to restore the view of Nihonbashi, whose beauty was lost when it was covered by the Shuto Expressway, and pass the bridge on in good condition to future generations. In accordance with this purpose, this event is a summer tradition in the Nihonbashi area that has continued since 1959, with the participation of local residents and company employees.

Bridge cleaning
Participating employees

Communicating with Local Communities Following the Great East Japan Earthquake

Watasu Nihonbashi: A Center for Exchange with Earthquake Affected Regions

Watasu Nihonbashi (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) was opened in March 2015 as a result of encounters with the people of Minamisanriku Town following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The center plays a role as an intermediary linking Tohoku and Nihonbashi, and includes the Watasu Dining & Bar featuring ingredients from Minamisanriku and other parts of Tohoku, and the Watasu Room interaction space for online exchange with junior high school students from the local area, events and workshops relating to reconstruction, and other programs.

Junior high school students from Minamisanriku Town visiting Watasu Nihonbashi
Junior high school students from Minamisanriku Town visiting Watasu Nihonbashi

Sustainability Training

CSR training has been conducted continuously since 2013 to improve awareness of disaster preparedness through experience of the situation in earthquake affected regions, and create opportunities for voluntary efforts and contribution to social issues. Employees visit Minamisanriku Town and regions within Fukushima Prefecture, both areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Training in Minamisanriku Town (on the former site of the disaster management government building)
Training in Minamisanriku Town (on the former site of the disaster management government building)