Human Resources Management

Human Resource Strategies

Major Initiative Policies in the Long-Term Vision: VISION 2025

Based on the belief that human resources are the driving force behind the continued creation of new value as a real estate developer, we have positioned our human resource strategies as important infrastructure to support the various initiatives set forth in our long-term vision.

Since our founding, we at Mitsui Fudosan have demonstrated a spirit of enterprise and willingness to flexibly and tenaciously take on challenges that we have inherited and nurtured as our DNA and have been offering varied and innovative solutions and services for business and living. Our approach to human capital is to prepare an environment for action to enable the improvement of employees’ professional knowledge and capabilities and enhancement of their ability to create added value and to bring together diverse values in a spirit of mutual respect while being a driving force as a team. Based on this approach, we are working on Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources Management, Diverse Workstyles, Health and Safety, and Employee Engagement Enhancement as priority measures.

Improvement of Employee Engagement

We distribute engagement surveys to all employees for the purpose of measuring the coherency between the values and orientations of our employees and the organization as it currently stands. Through the various initiatives detailed on the following pages, we believe that more than 90% of our employees are proud of working for the Company, possess the desire to independently contribute to their organization and work, and are able to engage in work on their own initiative. This fact is also a reason for the low turnover rate.