Segment Information

  • [1]Leasing

    Leasing and subleasing of office buildings,
    retail facilities, etc

    [1] Leasing

  • [2]Property Sales

    Development and sales of condominiums and detached houses to individuals and income-producing properties to investors, etc

    [2] Property Sales

  • [3]Management

    Property management and tenant improvement services for office buildings, retail facilities, condominium buildings, etc.; management of leased car parks; asset management related to real estate investment trusts

    [3] Management

  • [4]Mitsui Home

    Broad range of services related to residential housing, including renovation and renewal, centering on custom-built houses

    [4] Mitsui Home

  • [5]Other

    Operation of hotels and resorts; remodeling activities carried out by Mitsui Fudosan Reform Co., Ltd.; other operations including the management of gold courses and mega-solar businesses

    [5] Other

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